Gamercamp 2013
Games That I Played
Chapter 3

By Jorge Figueiredo - November 28th, 2013


We continue on our journey through memory lane of the awesomeness that was Gamercamp. The second floor of Hotel Ocho was like walking into a toy store. There were so many interesting games that it was hard to choose where to spend my time. The two games that are listed after the jump are both interesting as they present new twists to old concepts.

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Dungeon crawling games are a lot of fun. I remember playing Rogue and Sword of Fargoal when I was a younger lad. The games were certainly “grindy”, and they could also be quite frustrating. However, they were also a lot of fun – mindless entertainment to pass the time! Well, Imagine my surprise when I saw a PC/Mac game called Crypt of the NecroDancer in one of the corners, with light spilling in from the window onto a…Dance Dance Revolution mat?

Your controller!

That’s right! This dungeon-crawling game has a rhythm component, and requires that you move to the beat of the song playing in the background. Your on-screen character can be controlled with a keyboard, or a gamepad, but the version at Gamercamp had you controlling the hero with a DDR mat.

The game was a lot of fun to play thanks to the tight controls. Not only do you have to move to the rhythm, but the mosters within the game also moved on the beat, causing you to exercise your mind in the quest to figure out the patterns of movement before you – all in a very limited time frame. I can see this game being something of an equalizer, giving both dungeon-crawling neophytes and veterans a challenge – and a workout!

Toto Temple

Juicy Beast’s Toto Temple is a crazy multi-player experience that feels a little like “capture the flag”; except that by “capture” I mean “grab and hold onto” and by “flag” I mean “goat”.

The game involves up to four players in a temple, each trying to possess and hold onto the goat for as long as possible. The longer a player holds onto the goat, the higher their score. The players who are not lucky or skilled enough to have the goat may try to “de-goat” the player in possession of the quadruped by flying across the screen and stealing it.

Mind the goat!

Since the temple is a finite space with nowhere to hide, the game becomes a frenzied series of chases around the various platforms that make up the level. Toto Temple, like Curse of the NecroDancer, is another game that levels the playing field between the experienced and the newb – it is definitely a lot of fun, and exhausting in a different way than the DDR-like physicality of NecroDancer.

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