Microsoft Digital Trends

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 20th, 2014


Recently, Microsoft did a study about some of the latest digital trends. This endeavour was no local study, either – they canvassed over nine thousand people from across nine different countries to figure out what makes people’s digital worlds tick these days, and they found some really interesting answers. For instance, did you know that consumers are now turning to niche networks to fulfill their online needs? In many ways, it makes sense! Why would you bother casting a broad net when there are other ways to have the information aggregated for you? Also, responding to something that you might see in a smaller network has a higher chance of being responded to!

Another cool trend is about Creator Culture, where consumers like to understand how things work, and like to get their hands dirty through the process of creation rather than simply consuming things. This highlights the strong position that technology holds in various cultures. I’m not sure how deep this creative bug goes, though – as most people like to make you think that they are a lot more engaged than they really are; however, it is compelling to see that people in general are trying to become more technologically self-sufficient.

There are many interesting bits of information that you can check out on the Microsoft Digital Trends site. Go check it out!

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