Nun Attack Origins: Yuki’s Silent Quest

By Jorge Figueiredo - June 16th, 2014


If you haven’t played Frima’s Nun Attack: Run & Gun, then you’re missing out on a great tongue and cheek side-scrolling shooter. With a simple concept and much love poured into production, Run & Gun is a helluva lot of fun and is a title that you can return to and always enjoy. Similarly, Nun Attack: Yuki’s Silent Quest (a prequel to Run & Gun) is also a keeper, and tells the story of Yuki, master of stealth, who was a badass before the sisterhood was formed.

Yuki’s village has been overrun by bandits, who have appeared thanks to a mysterious portal and laid waste to everything, taking the village orphans prisoner. Your task is to utilize Yuki and her fantastic Nun-Jutsu skills to quickly and quietly take out the bad guys, liberate the prisoners, and save the village. All in a day’s work for Yuki. Upon completing each level, up to 3 gold ninja stars may be awarded for meeting each objective (rescuing all of the people, doing so without using more than the set number of moves, and doing it all within a set time limit). These ninja stars can be used to restore buildings in the village.

Get some scratch to rebuild the village!

Playing the game is quite easy – all you have to do is draw a line with your finger from Sister Yuki to her targets. Releasing your finger from the screen at the end of the line-drawing process results in her springing into action, wielding her ans with devastating results. The simplicity of this input mechanic hides a sinister level of challenge, though, thanks to the three objectives contained in each stage that were mentioned previously. It all boils down to speed, accuracy and timing, as Yuki must not be seen (she can only take out enemies from behind). Difficulty increases as you climb the level ladder, but it never does so unreasonably, making progression challenging, yet enjoyable. There are also bonus levels in which you use Yuki to utilize her deadly fans to slice up some bread while avoiding bombs. It’s a lot like Fruit Ninja, and it’s just as fun.

It didn’t take me long to really get into this game – and I enjoy it a lot. I return from time to time thanks to the short time required to play through each level. I can power the game up at the start of a subway trip and I will have completed a few levels by the time I reach my destination. Attaining three stars in each level is also a reasonable goal, as you can achieve each star on its own (rather than having to ace each level all at once). This may sound like a cheap victory to some, but given the twitchy nature of playing the game on a small screen (my LG G2 – you really have to get those angles perfect to ace a level), it’s nice that there is some latitude in regards to the reward system. I find that most of the time I can initially complete a level and attain two stars in tandem, returning a second time to grab the third.

Silent, but deadly. Kind of like…er…never mind.

The visuals and sound effects are each well-produced. Animations are super-smooth and the “3D” graphics really pop. My favourite touch is when Yuki defeats the final bad guy in each level – her final strike is slowed down like a John Woo film. This game seamlessly fits into the mythos of the Nun Attack universe, making for a consistent and fun experience.

If you’re looking for something fun to play, look no further than Nun Attack Origins: Yuki’s Silent Quest. It’s a great tactical-action puzzler with 90 levels, 216 orphans to rescue, and a lot of stylish fan-swinging destruction for your Android device. Well worth the $2.

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