Airheads Jump

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 9th, 2014


Airheads Jump, by Crazy Labs and Tactile Entertainment, is a free-to-play tilt-based jumping game for iOS and Android that is far from complicated, but can easily hold your attention for short spurts of time here and there, making it a great time-waster for situations when you have some spare moments – just watch out for those ads!

For those that have not played jumping games before (like Doodle Jump) the object is simple: reach the top. Your on-screen character will constantly bounce, traversing up a single level with each bounce (provided there is a platform to land on) – all you have to do is tilt your hand-held and direct your Airhead towards the next solid platform. For those hard-to-reach places that are a little out of reach, you can tap the screen to do a double-jump, gaining precious height (hopefully enough to make it to your intended goal). Lagging behind will put you at risk for getting chomped by the Tiki Titan.

As you hop up the level, you’ll notice that not all surfaces are the same. Some platforms dissolve after you bounce on them once, while other objects propel you upward at a great speed. There are also a few more power-ups that will aid you in your quest to fulfill the objectives (like Magnets to collect coins and other powers that modify your trajectory). Each level has an objective; whether the objective is to reach a certain height or collect a certain number of coins, it is good to know exactly what you are getting into at the outset – so pay attention and plan accordingly! Minor upgrades are available as well as other Airheads – all you have to do is keep plugging away at both the regular and the boss levels to unlock them. At times, free bonus powers will be made available to you for free (or for a small price, like watching a short ad).

I did not take a screen shot of one of the many ads that plop in your way.

While Airheads Jump is arguably very repetitive (there are 100 levels at this point), there are no restrictions on how many times you can play in a day (ie: no “energy recharge”), and the in-app purchases are actually pretty subtle (I almost forgot there were some, to be honest). Of course, if you find that you are doing well, you can spend gems to continue – but watch out as it might not be worth it to waste gems for a game that has doesn’t really have a play restriction. Just suck it up and start over. That being said, I found that ads were front and center, and that if I wasn’t careful, I would end up activating them, which opens a new screen.

Decent graphics and sound, simple game-play, a fair amount of content, and great controls will probably enough reasons to give Airheads Jump a place in your queue. It’s enjoyable while you are playing it, but it’s not the most memorable of titles – and the constant ad placement (did I mention full-screen?) really stuck in my craw. Airheads Jump is available on iTunes for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad; it can also be found for Android devices at the Google Play store.

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