To Infinity and Beyond
On The Mark

By Jorge Figueiredo - November 11th, 2014


Scottish princess Merida is equally as comfortable addressing a crowd at a royal function as she is riding her horse Angus through the countryside at breakneck speed (usually hitting a bullseye with every target that’s within range of her powerful bow). Mastering these skills took time, of course, not to mention a witch, a bear, and an evil spirit – but master them she did. The fifth princess in Infinity (Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel and Vanllope Von Schweetz being her forerunners), Merida brings her fiery personality and indomitable will to the franchise.

Merida is one of our favourite characters in the Disney landscape – and now she’s come to Infinity. Released as both a solo figure and in the Toy Box Bundle Pack, Merida is a great addition to any collection. Like previous figures, the quality of this one is great – and the pose is one of the best yet. What’s even cooler is that Kelly Macdonald, the voice of Merida in the Pixar film, Brave, also performs the voice of Merida in Infinity!

Merida’s primarily a ranged fighter, wielding her bow and arrows with deadly accuracy. While weighted to long-range combat, Merida’s skill tree also encourages up-close-and-personal whuppin’ thanks to her bow (which she can use in a staff-like manner) and her sword (which seams to really do some damage to the baddies). I personally love Merida’s character because she is independent and free-spirited, both wonderful qualities to inspire the youngsters.

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