Bad Blood

By Jorge Figueiredo - November 12th, 2014


For many, downloadable content is the bee’s knees. Whether adding weapons, expanding environments, fleshing out a new story, or introducing new characters, DLC is a great way to squeeze a little more value out of a franchise – for both developers and players. Over the last few years, Ubisoft has been releasing some great DLC to accompany their flagship titles. These additional adventures extend the life of the core games in very entertaining ways. DLC like Freedom Cry (Assassin’s Creed IV) and The Tyranny of King Washington (Assassin’s Creed III) are each very compelling and entertaining (I highly recommend both of them) – and Bad Blood, the most recent story DLC for Watch_Dogs, is right up there.

Bad Blood is a new chapter in Watch_Dogs that, like DLC from other Ubisoft franchises, eschews re-skinned and re-purposed missions for original and relatively unique content. This DLC features Aiden Pierce’s associate, Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney, who is doing his best to get the hell out of Dodge (Chicago), but seems to get pulled back in. In many ways, Bad Blood makes the player feel far more like a badass than the original game. T-Bone seems to be tougher, and far better at hackery than Aiden – which means that introductions to the various character abilities is minimal (and really, it makes sense since you already know a lot of it).

T-Bone has access to crafting and firearms, and has a really cool remote-controlled car named Eugene, that has a surprising amount of utility – not a surprise, considering that it is a home-grown T-Bone creation. Eugene acts as a mobile hacking platform and has a great series of offensive and defensive perks, making it an invaluable tool to use in the game, considering it gets pretty hairy closer to the end (probably more so than the core game). Aside from his trusty wrench and taser (seriously, there are some crazy take-downs in this DLC), T-Bone can utilize armed cameras, taking out the trash from afar in a more direct manner than his buddy Aiden.

Someone’s going to get a hurt real bad…

Visuals are of the same quality as Watch_Dogs (again, not a surprise), but I found that the dialogue was a lot more interesting. T-Bone has a lot of great commentary on various things that he sees and hears in the environment. His exchanges with his friend Tobias are also quite amazing – both touching and funny. I found that these exchanges and T-Bone’s overall attitude gives Chicago a bit more light; although this general mood change may be a by-product of the campaign ending from the core game.

This ten-mission DLC does a great job of both adding to the existing narrative of Watch_Dogs while revealing interesting bits of T-Bone’s past. It gives you some new moves (both physically and electronically) to get the job done and really pays homage to T-Bone as a character (and really, as an idea of DIY hacking culture). Above all else, Eugene is hella fun to drive around and raise a ruckus with. I would highly recommend this add-on to anyone that liked the original story. You can also grab the Season Pass, and get a bunch of other goodies for Watch_Dogs, making the overall purchase a lot better on your wallet (when compared to forking out money for each element individually).

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