To Infinity and Beyond
Faith, Trust and…

By Jorge Figueiredo - November 16th, 2014


Tinkerbell, the fairy, has been around for as long as Disney has existed. Indeed, she has been a part of the Disney title sequences for quite a spell, and she has been enjoying something of a revival very recently thanks to her starring role in a number of new films. Now, this feisty fairy joins the ranks of the other characters in Disney Infinity 2.0; and let me tell you, this Disney Original character is nothing to sneeze at.

For such a small being, Tinkerbell packs quite a punch. With the ability to attack enemies using magic, and the power of flight (native), she’s a versatile choice for any Toy Box adventure. Smallest Thumbs is a huge fan of Tink, so it’s no small wonder that she gravitates towards choosing that figure whenever we play the game. However, her love for Tink only grew stronger when she saw the pixie’s ability to keep up with Iron Man in the air (pixie dust is powerful stuff, after all).

Tinkerbell’s skill tree is fairly balanced. Smallest Thumbs has been pouring a fair bit of effort into leveling her up, and now enjoys using Tinkerbell’s special attack, which can be quite devastating. Tinkerbell can also heal other players using pixie dust – but that is not unlocked until later on in the leveling process.

While the Tinkerbell in Disney Infinity 2.0 looks more like the version from the Peter Pan films, she is voiced by Mae Whitman, who portrays her in the modern films. Interestingly enough, Tinkerbell is the second fairy in the Infinity universe. Can you guess who the first one is?

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