By Jorge Figueiredo - December 9th, 2014


Have you ever played Operation? Did you ever try guiding a marble through a tilting wooden labyrinth? Well, Feel-A-Maze (Five Archers Corporation) is a devious combination of these two physical games that will test your hand-eye coordination, as well as your patience. This PC title (now available for iOS and Android) is definitely a very challenging game that will help you pass the time – just make sure that you choose your locale carefully, lest you make the game even more challenging for yourself.

The object of the game couldn’t be more simple: guide your ball through the maze (using your mouse if you’re using a PC, or your finger if you’re using a tablet), without touching the sides of the maze (or any obstacles). While the premise is simple, the game is very challenging – regardless of which platform you are playing it on. 40 levels filled with twisting corridors and hazards await you – so you won’t be just breezing through this game in a few minutes. In fact, as you advance in levels, the game becomes even more challenging, and adds some interesting twists to make things interesting.

The key to this level is keys…

Controls are very intuitive, and make this game an easy one to pick up. When using a PC, you’ll find the game quite challenging due to the face that you have to compensate for the acceleration of the mouse. It’s a great example of how much we take certain things for granted as you essentially begin to explore your relationship with your PC’s interface. You may find that turning down the acceleration and resolution of your mouse will help a lot at the beginning; once acclimatized, you can crank it back up to your initial settings.

While more “natural” in terms of hand-eye, playing on a tablet presents its own challenges. For instance, you’ll probably find that you will have a much better time playing the game when the tablet is resting on a stable surface (like a table or desk) rather than on your lap. Nothing is worse than carefully trying to make it through one of the mazes only to be foiled by your legs twitching out of nervousness. Of course, if you want to introduce a higher level of challenge, you can try playing it on the bus.

This is what it feels like to play while you sneeze.

Graphics are simple and great – and they sort of have to be. The vibrant colours and sharp-edges give the game contrast and definition, making it easy to figure out where to move the ball (and making it harder to blame the game for your mistakes). The game has a very “arcade-ish” feel, which just adds to the charm. Animations are smooth, making for a pleasant experience.

This neat little game is a great one to play in short bursts. With an easy control mechanic and a clever hook, though, it is quite addictive (especially with stars for beating certain time limits and achievements), so you may find yourself playing more of it than you thought you would. It’s ad-free, too, making it a perfect candidate for the “oh, just one more try” category. You can grab this title on Steam, Google Play, or iTunes. Pro-tip: If you’re going to get it for iOS or Android, make sure you play it on a tablet, unless you are Ray Palmer or Henry Pym.

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