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By Jason Wesley - December 14th, 2014


There are a lot of geek-themed baked goods and cakes swarming the internet. Taking a look at any Facebook timeline reveals people baking Tardis Cookies and Portal Cakes (which, of course, are a lie). It adds a wonderful visual delight to the food before you eat it, but the one problem with these wonderful delectables on your timeline is that you can’t eat them!

Samantha Anderson runs Cakes Cove, a Toronto-based bakery which has been creating a wide variety of geek-themed cookies, chocolates and cakes since August 2013. You may have even seen some of her creations during Desert Bus 8, and her works have also been spotted in Toronto-filmed Space Janitors seen on the Geek & Sundry Youtube channel. She runs the gamut of themes, from Dexter and Walking Dead to Sandman and Star Wars. All of her specialities have been primarily sold through Toronto conventions such as FanExpo, and Sam is now taking the next step and is currently building a storefront at St. Clair and Dufferin.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with her occasionally through Twitter and during FanExpo, and while our conversations have been brief, it’s because she has always been busy! She loves making some incredible products, and the little details on her goods are what bring that extra touch to the fore. It’s tempting to almost not eat them, but once they pass your lips, you wonder how you managed to hold off for so long!

Check out her Millennium Falcon white chocolate. When I saw her at FanExpo this past year, I picked up “Health Packs” (Chocolate-Coated Walnuts) and “Energy Packs” (Chocolate-Coated Espresso Beans), which were devoured quickly – and well-needed during the convention. Similarly, her brain chocolates have a wonderful little splash of ‘blood’ to increase their visual appeal. I haven’t seen any other chocolatier add that little embellishment to each creation!

I’ve got a good feeling about this…

The Kickstarter only has one more week to go – it ends this Saturday; so if you want to pledge your support, now is the time! Personally, I have pledged for a birthday cake at the $64 range. With her skills, it’s a bargain! As with every Kickstarter, every little bit helps, so be sure to spread the links!

You can pledge at the Kickstarter page here:

You can follow Cakes Cove on their main page, Twitter feed, or on Tumblr. While you’re on the main page, check out the Gallery – she has done some awesome cosplay to fit the themes of some of her cakes!

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