Farewell to Toronto Thumbs
Dave McLean

By Dave McLean - March 2nd, 2015


I’m cheating a little bit here. This article was originally left in the comments field from our Last Call article (which let everyone know that Toronto Thumbs is closing down soon), so I cut it from there and moved it here since I am running articles from the writers in which they write what Thumbs meant to them. Plus, I wanted to use this photo. – ed

It was always a big, fun challenge to write here. This is the only site that I contributed to that was assignment-based – not just me writing about whatever tickled my fancy (see my articles over at FancyTickler.com for evidence1).

What I have learned here is that every kind of review is hard. It’s hard to write about things that you hate because you still want to be respectful to the developers. It’s hard to write about something you’re indifferent to because you don’t want to bore people. And it is hardest of all to write about the titles you love. It’s like trying to describe why you love your kids or your spouse. It’s something that you understand innately, but putting it into words rarely does it justice.

I want to say my one regret is that I was never on a podcast, but that’s almost certainly for the best. I was always jealous of everyone whenever they got together to chat, but I can’t escape the fact that my mouth is my least dependable organ and I would have stuttered and stumbled through the whole thing (Okay, fine – my mouth is my second least dependable organ). So I guess my regret is that I never sent a voice actor to play me on one of the podcasts. Live and learn.

So long, Thumbs. Thanks for everything!

1 – Maybe don’t go to that site.
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  2. Just be glad that you beat me to the second dependable organ part.

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