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By Jorge Figueiredo - March 12th, 2015

Photos courtesy of Kiband.

While I don’t personally subscribe to tracking devices for kids, there have occasionally been moments when I wondered about the benefits of having one (honestly, some of the stories on the news can be pretty scary) – but I have never really given it too much thought (I am a firm believer in trust and common sense). A few months ago, the Kiband was brought to my attention. It’s a neat solution that works in tandem with smartphones for people who want to be able to keep tabs on their kids – but set custom distances. Kiband also makes the interaction more active: it alerting the child when they are approaching the perimeter limit; it informs the parent when they leave the set limit or when they are immersed in water. While it may seem like overkill, it has enough flexibility to be used as a learning tool to help children learn about location awareness.

I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with Spencer Behrend, CEO of KiLife Tech, about this neat product (which had a successful Indiegogo run).

TT: What inspired the creation of the Kiband?

SB: The Kiband was inspired by my own experience raising my children with my wonderful wife. We had two girls first and thought we had parenting figured out until our son Kimball. Before he could even walk he earned the nickname Boy Boy because he was the trouble and energy of two kids in one. When he was just two years old he disappeared at a holiday parade. Just a few steps into the crowd during a split second of distraction and he was gone into the crowd. The Kiband was created for parents who were concerned about keeping track of children in crowded places. To give them a safety net, so that kids can have the independence to just be kids with the peace of mind for parents that they can’t wander to far.

In the age of helicopter parenting, do you think that the Kiband might be overkill? Why not?

We hear this occasionally, and it doesn’t really apply to the Kiband. The Kiband isn’t a substitution for supervision or a way to track your kids constantly. It’s a helping hand, a tool to help you afford them the independence to safely explore at playgrounds, parks, malls, amusement parks and more while giving you the confidence that you are in control of the environment with custom perimeters and instant audible location in an emergency.

An interesting solution that offers a helping hand.

I understand that the Kiband can only be removed by the parents (properly). Still, how strong is the Kiband? How much force can it withstand?

The Kiband is secure on the child and cannot be easily broken, but in the event the device were cut or broken the band will alarm to alert the caregiver the device has been compromised. Parents can have confidence the child is safe.

Will you be creating other Kiband-type products to be integrated into clothing or backpacks?

One of the keys to the Kiband is the combination of flexibility and security that a wearable offers. We are continuing to refine the design of the original Kiband but are already in development of additional products that will offer more flexibility.

Thanks for answering my questions, Spencer! All the best with the launch!

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