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Dungeon Defenders II

By Jorge Figueiredo - March 23rd, 2015


A few years ago, I reviewed Trendy Entertainment’s interesting take on tower defense called Dungeon Defenders. The game was a great mix of tower defense, action and RPG, and Ricky and I had a lot of fun trying it out. Now, Trendy is working on a sequel Dungeon Defenders II, which is in early access on Steam. I played with it for a while and am pretty impressed with what I have seen so far.

There are a lot of reasons to really enjoy this game. First of all, the game-play is all kinds of fantastic. During each level, players spend resources to set up tower-like traps for the soon-to-be marauding enemies. After the placement stage is done, the defense of your location begins, with you and your cohorts running about hitting, blasting, and arrow-ing your enemies. Once completed (or defeated) you can return to the hub (which is a tavern) to upgrade equipment – or you can continue on to the next level. This melange of strategy and insanity makes for a great time – especially when you’re joined by randoms from the depths of the interwebs.

For an early access game, Dungeon Defenders 2 has a lot going for it. For starters, it looks fantastic – far better than I would have expected, actually. The colorful visuals are sharp, and the animation is very smooth. Accompanying audio also fits well with the overall schema. Additionally (and most importantly), the online portion has worked flawlessly, and I have never had any connectivity issues whatsoever. Furthermore, there never seems to be a shortage of players to engage with, which is far more than I can say to some retail-released AAA games from bigger studios.

It’s a fun kind of grind. Er…you know what I mean…

Newcomers can easily pick up and play, as there isn’t too much of a learning curve. The regular reward system and gentle difficulty slope are appealing, even to veterans of the old game. Trust me, there is plenty of loot to be had even during a single session – so much that you will have to spend some time at the tavern sorting through it to see if there is anything worthwhile (there are sets of items that obviously work better together than just throwing together a suite of random items). Truthfully, it is a bit of a grind – but it is very amusing, and the short duration of rounds makes for a nice quick hit of adrenaline.

You can check out Dungeon Defenders II on Steam right here.

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