Farewell to Toronto Thumbs
Evan Bergstra

By Evan Bergstra - March 29th, 2015


While Evan was not with Toronto Thumbs for as long as some of the others, he became an integral part of the site. He’s one of the most well-rounded people I know; a great writer, an exceedingly talented photographer, fantastic at event coverage, and just an all-around great dude – Evan’s positivity is infectious. Within a short space of time, Evan surpassed his role as that of a writer and became part of my brainstorming group – the Thumbs Illuminati, if you will. We always have so much fun (seriously, if you missed our Instagram takeover for the CVA’s, you suck). – ed.

Hi folks!

I was brought into the Thumbs fold just over a year ago; an unsuspecting, bright-eyed journo-virgin fresh from a role in gaming PR and excited to see what was next for me. While chatting with me over Facebook, Jorge casually mentioned that he might post a piece of mine if I was up to writing one. Encouraged by the suggestion I took up the challenge and dove into my first game review with gusto.

A worthy metaphor for Evan’s go-getter attitude.

I played the game for hour after hour, driven by the misguided fervour one would expect from a new writer in the midst of popping their cherry. After a time I hit the final key of what ended up being a scathing review of the game in question, and I felt great. I haven’t read it since, and I’m sure it’s terrible but golly, I enjoyed writing it.

In the year that followed I was treated not only to a series of titles, but a bunch of industry events, and my aforementioned fervour evolved into a more sensible appreciation of the latter. Reviewing games was fun, but the process took time. Event write-ups were quicker, and tended to result from an evening of good company and complimentary libations. This combination of factors made it clear where my priorities were. I will defend the validity of preference in that I met a lot of great people and now enjoy a satisfying library of fond memories.

Evan during writing assignments.

Toronto Thumbs, it’s been a treat. I’m grateful for the experiences, and given the chance I’d do it again twice.

If any of you fine readers are interested in my pretty pictures, please check me out here.

Bye folks!

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