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First Video Footage
From Trackmania for Wii

By Shaun Hatton - February 17th, 2010

Trackmania for Wii

Judging from how much I loved Trackmania when it was released for the DS, I am certain I’ll spend many, many hours on the Wii version when it is released. In fact, I’m looking forward to it. Today Focus Home Interactive and FireBrand Games released a one-minute long video showing off the game in action.

It’s great to see the game making the jump to Wii so comfortably. All the crazy stunts and smooth driving I expected are shown, along with a short glimpse of four-player split screen multiplayer. It’s also great to get a peek at how the track editor interface will work. Looks really awesome so far!

Watch the video »

General Bauhaus

By Shaun Hatton - February 16th, 2010

General Bauhaus

Meet General Bauhaus. Kick-ass name, isn’t it? As expected, he’s quite the baddie in Guerrilla Gardening, the upcoming PC strategy game being developed by Toronto’s own Spooky Squid.

The colouring is by Miguel Sternberg of Spooky Squid, and the character design is by comic book illustrator and homegrown hero Eric Kim. Great to see this game’s progressing nicely, because I’m looking forward to playing it.

Check out the full-size artwork over at the Guerrilla Gardening dev blog.

Adventures in Sex City

By Shaun Hatton - February 16th, 2010

Adventures in Sex City

I don’t even know where to begin. Rocco Commisso sent me a link to this crazy game from the Middlesex-London Health Unit called Adventures in Sex City.

Actually “game” is a bit of a misnomer. It’s more like “somewhat animated trivia.” Still, as a connoisseur of the gaming medium, I couldn’t help but be interested. Players choose a character and then go on to battle against the evil Sperminator. He attacks by shooting giant, single sperm through his, er, arm cannon. If you answer a question correctly, you get to put up a shield and deflect it back. Get a question wrong, however, and you get nailed.

Either way, it’s pretty disgusting. Back in my day we learned our sex ed the old fashioned way – with black and white textbooks full of awkward yet horrifying illustrations. This takes things to a whole new terrifying level. I’m not going to lie: I did not finish this game. I am too fragile.

NOTE: this game has a better soundtrack than my textbooks ever had.

Free Rad Tunes
From Desktop

By Shaun Hatton - February 14th, 2010


Desktop, a dance/electro outfit from Detroit, has two free EP downloads over at their official site. I’ve been grooving to the 12-inch Desktop EP since it was released last year, but it was only today that I discovered the second EP download. My Boo, as it’s called, is another three-song release featuring two remixed tunes from the first release plus the title track.

Did I mention these downloads are free? I’ll be reviewing both releases for the venerable Popshifter this week. In the meantime, Check them out.

There’s Love in the Air
But I’m on the Ground

By Shaun Hatton - February 13th, 2010

Metanet Valentine Card 2010
Metanet’s amazing Valentine card (source).

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, meaning thousands of fighting couples around the world may be putting aside their petty arguments and trying to get along. The greeting card industry has deemed it so, and so it shall be. Shouldn’t we be more open with our feelings for our loved ones year-’round?

But there are perks to the non-holiday. For instance, the day after, you can buy a lot of chocolate and cinnamon hearts on the cheap! I’m down with that. Secondly, there’s that time-honoured tradition of sending Valentines to everyone in your life. From an early age we distribute awful pun-ridden cards to everyone in our classrooms, desperately wanting one back even from the people who steal our lunch money daily.

Still to this day, it puts a smile on my face to receive them, especially from those who take the time to hand make them. That said, I also enjoy the saccharine puns found in gaming-related Valentines created by the community. For instance, Capcom’s Super Street Fighter IV and Mega Man 10 Valentines are sappy enough to evoke smiles despite the groans.

Toronto’s Metanet Software, on the other hand, went the more subtle and way less cheesy route with their pixel art Valentine (shown above), making it my favourite V-Day card design of the year.

Mega Man 10
Weapons Revealed

By Shaun Hatton - February 11th, 2010

Mega Man 10 Commando Bomb

When Mega Man defeats the eight robot masters in Mega Man 10, he’ll be able to power up and use the following weapons: Chill Spike, Commando Bomb (shown above), Rebound Striker, Solar Blaze, Thunder Wool, Triple Blade, Water Shield, and Wheel Cutter. You can see all the artwork in our Mega Man 10 gallery.

Whether or not most gamers will be able to make it through all the bosses is another question. I’m guessing a lot of people may eventually resort to the Easy mode to avoid too much frustration. The game will be released on WiiWare first March 1, followed by its PSN release March 11 before releasing on Xbox LIVE Arcade March 31.

Awesome Art
Inspired by Masters Of The Universe

By Shaun Hatton - February 11th, 2010

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was one of my favourite shows growing up despite its unapologetic overuse of stock animation. Yes, I noticed this even at the age of seven. Anyhow, this collection of art from the Masters of the Universe Tribute Show at Gallery 1988 is nothing short of astounding. Those who like collecting art can either purchase select prints or even original pieces. Incredible stuff.

Via @plentyspace