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By Shaun Hatton - December 20th, 2009



Release date: November 25, 2009
Players: 1

Our first-ever game was created within four hours. It became a popular destination on this site. It is a parody of a real-life news story, hence its “Ripped From The Headlines” tag line. Also: We like Law & Order, a show that famously uses that same tag line for many of its stories based on actual criminal cases. In DEERTASE, players take on the role of a Toronto police officer who must save the city by removing a deer from the downtown core. To do so, the player must safely remove the deer the way it happened in real life. There are some extra things to do, but not a lot as it was a game with a short development and testing time. The game features previously unreleased music from chiptunes artists DJ Finish Him and Oxvylu, and an Easter egg download link of the soundtrack.




Release date: December 21, 2009
Players: 1

Following the release of DEERTASE, the game-making bug bit us hard. DEERTASE 2: REINDEERTASE is a much more complete gaming experience. The sequel introduces entirely original artwork and animation. The game’s interface and engine were built from scratch. REINDEERTASE features more enemies, more items, more music, and a flowing narrative.

It was developed over the course of two weeks. REINDEERTASE also includes downloadable desktop backgrounds for your computer, a downloadable and printable 14-page instruction manual, and a 26-minute soundtrack composed by DJ Finish Him that is downloadable as an Easter egg.

This is the game we would have liked to make the first time around, but had neither the time nor resources to do so. It was created as a holiday gift for our friends, fans, and all the great publicists who supported us over the years.


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