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Toronto Thumbs is a gaming news site that takes gaming seriously. We aim to make people think, laugh, and feel what we feel via our detailed and often personal recollections of gaming experiences. Sincerity, therefore, is a huge facet of our approach to video game journalism. Our team of writers is comprised of seasoned (but not jaded) gamers from various walks of life. We are dedicated to discussing and deconstructing what works and what doesn’t in gaming without hiding behind irony or facetiousness.

As fans of video gaming, we see that video game journalism has come a long way but also realize there is still much to accomplish. We will never just cut and paste from press releases for the sake of reporting breaking news because our readers expect and deserve more than that.

Another aim of Toronto Thumbs is to talk about and generate interest in games that might be overlooked by the general gaming public. Our article topics aren’t restricted to just current-generation games, however. We cover games for classic consoles, tabletop and board games, and browser-based games. Because gamers are interested in more than just games, we also occasionally cover other forms of entertainment (such as music, movies, and gadgets).

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Main Ninja Team

Jorge Figueiredo
– Editor-in-Chief, Sniper, Naruto Freak
Seán O’Sullivan
Writer, Griper, Vagabond, Sesquipedalian

Secondary Ninja Team

Kat Armstrong
– Writer, Pac-Man Addict, Mom
Evan Bergstra
Writer, Photographer, Wanderer, Idiot
Sharad Hirjee
– Writer, Duty Caller, Future Assassin, Offensive Line Man
Malcolm Inglis
– Writer, Traveler, Backlog Curator
Jarita Lee
– Writer, Caprican, Hipster, Starcrafty
Ricky Lima
– Furious Writer, Fox Hound Operative
Dave McLean
– Writer, Carjacker, Beard Enthusiast
Cody Orme
– Writer, Aspiring Game Journalist, Platforming Perfectionist
Dana Russo
– Writer, Social Media Pro, Head Awesome of Awesome Enterprises
Jayson Young
– Writer, Foreign Correspondent, Shenmue Apologist, Real-Life Level-Grinder

Ninja Allies

Christopher Calzonetti
– Keen Observer, Nodder, Shrugger
Mike Croft
– Writer, One-Thumbed Ninja
Mike Jackson
– Writer, Chiptunes Guy, Completionist, Torchlight Specialist
Shaun Hatton
– Superstar, Handsome Devil
Tim Krynicki
– Writer, Lord of Shadow, Monado’s Heir, That Other Doctor
Kevin Hickey
Rebecca Laroque
– Writer, Bookworm, Wii Lover
Mehran Malek
– Writer, Human Garburator, Mighty Pirate