Minecraft Mastery

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 12th, 2014


Available on practically every platform now, Minecraft is one of the most popular games on the planet Earth (and probably beyond, knowing how smart the aliens are). McGraw-Hill has published a great book called Minecraft Mastery written by Matthew Monk and Simon Monk. The book (206 pages) illustrates how to utilize the capabilities of Redstone, a versatile red ore found in the game. The book shows all kinds of neat tips and tricks to help you develop your own custom mods, as well as how to do a pile of other useful things. McGraw-Hill Ryerson has been kind enough to send us a couple to give away (MSRP: $15.00), so skip past the jump to find out how to win one!

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Symphony of Heroes
Date Night

By Seán O'Sullivan - September 11th, 2014

Photo Credit: Jane Dempster (Sydney Opera House)

As videogames have evolved over the past few decades, soundtracks have morphed from a handful of looping chiptune medleys into recorded orchestrated music that matches the best of what film has to offer in terms of quality, and surpasses it in its dynamism as it adapts to the player’s individual actions within the game world. Considering how much of a game’s texture and emotion is delivered or amplified by its musical accompaniment, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of touring productions built around showcasing these compositions.

Recently, rePLAY: Symphony of Heroes played in Toronto’s Sony Centre (September 6th). After opening with a few stirring bars from The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, the conductor introduced the show, explaining that the setlist was curated to reflect the various stages of the hero’s journey; the start of the adventure, the trials and tribulations, and eventually triumph and freedom. Each song was preceded by narration from Nigel Carrington, most notable to gamers as the narrator in Dear Esther, and while the writing was somewhat overwrought, it’s easy to put nitpicks aside and be swept along by the emotions being cued by the orchestra.

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Not Much Longer…
Are You Ready?
Disney Infinity Compatibility Answers

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 10th, 2014

Buzz Lightyear looks on as Rocket Raccoon gets ready to make some noise on September 23.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes will be here soon. There have been a lot of questions regarding compatibility between Disney Infinity 1.0 and Disney Infinity 2.0. Luckily, there is a great web page that explains everything. Check it out here.


By Jorge Figueiredo - September 10th, 2014


Today a few of us were invited to check out the media portion of Microsoft’s console gaming holiday show, X14. There were a ton of games to play and lots of people to talk to about games. Did I mention games? Anyhoo, the three of us busied ourselves checking things out and conducting interviews. There was a lot of stuff to process (and some of the things are still under wraps) so we will be slowly pushing out articles about X14 over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Big hugs to Microsoft for the invitation!

All available X14 articles can be found by clicking this link.

How Much Do I OUYA?
Magnetic By Nature

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 10th, 2014


Tripleslash’s Magnetic By Nature is a crowd-funded physics-based puzzle-platformer for the OUYA. Artistically stylish and easy to play, it is a fun game that will constantly challenge the player, regardless of their gaming skill level. It will be especially appealing to those who may not have a lot of time on their hands.

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Airheads Jump

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 9th, 2014


Airheads Jump, by Crazy Labs and Tactile Entertainment, is a free-to-play tilt-based jumping game for iOS and Android that is far from complicated, but can easily hold your attention for short spurts of time here and there, making it a great time-waster for situations when you have some spare moments – just watch out for those ads!

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Fan Expo Canada 2014
Nerd Noise Night

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 9th, 2014


For the last few years, one of the most fun aspects of Fan Expo is what happens in the evening: Nerd Noise Night. If you haven’t heard of Nerd Noise Night, you have been missing out on an amazing evening of incredible music, awesome people, and great prizes. Spearheaded by former Toronto Thumbs Editor-in-Cheese Shaun Hatton, this event had been so successful that it has expanded to become a two-night show.

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