Season 2

By Toronto Thumbs Staff - April 19th, 2009

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    24 responses so far:
  2. By Peter R.
    Posted on Apr 20, 2009

    Ha ha! Good old Kenfighter 4.
    Nice pod casts guys, loved the SF4 section.

    A lot of guys online read up on “advantages” in SF4, and will wait for you to pick, so they can pick a character who has a style or reach with an advantage to counter who you picked. I usually pick Gouken for Cammy and Blanka, Rose for Zangief as some examples.

    But most people hover around then just pick Ken anyway… A lot. Like, 95% of the time. Even me! KENFIGHTER 4!

  3. Jamie, I think you should make sure to pick up Personal Trainer: Breathing for the DS.

    Good luck man.

    Although, I’m pretty disappointed that you are actually going to be sleeping during this thing.

  4. Posted on Jun 1, 2009

    Hahaha Jamie sounds like he’s in a bucket.

  5. He is. That’s the new “Skype-in-a-Bucket” product.

  6. Posted on Jun 1, 2009

    Yeah we had some technical problems with that. I guess this is what we get for hiring him in the first place, that dirty Decepticon.

  7. By Kirk
    Posted on Jun 1, 2009

    I think you should plug everyone’s mic into a different f/x unit for the next podcast. I think Jorge’s Predictions should get a heavy dose of delay/reverb.

    Oh, and Adam… I am never talking to you on Steam ever again… you’re mean.

  8. Posted on Jun 1, 2009

    That means I’ll have to buy some F/X pedals. I ain’t made of money, Kirk! It’s bad enough I had to use a cymbal stand plus duct tape as my mic stand.

  9. We are so pro.

  10. Also: Thanks for leaving me behind, jerks.

  11. Posted on Aug 7, 2009

    well hey I didn’t know this was here. you should probably throw in an iTunes link but since i’m already signed up I’ll probably never come here (this page) again.

  12. You bastages make fun of me whenever I’m not there. I’m going to move into the office permanently.

  13. Posted on Aug 12, 2009

    We make fun of you when you’re here, too. The only difference is that when you’re around to be made fun of, we get punched.

  14. This is true.

  15. By Action Jackson
    Posted on Aug 17, 2009

    Get ready for a hurtin’…

  16. Posted on Aug 18, 2009

    All it takes is a gentle insult and I’m back, baby!

    By the way, that T-Shirt? Still wearing it. That’s why I haven’t been here in a year — too embroiled by the awesomeness of the swag shirt.

    Also, was distracted by that Weewar banner ad that used to be in the corner of the site. Got hooked on that for a while. Thanks, ya bastards.

    Also! Got my Genesis working again in honour of the 20th anniversary!! Fun times for all.

  17. Posted on Aug 18, 2009

    Reply #2, addendum to #1 because it turns out there was way more podcast after my first comment:

    Oh, Jorge, do NOT call me out on Dawn of War and expect to get away with it. I still have DoW1 and all the expansion packs installed, ready to Basilisk you into submission if needs be. DoW2, however… well, that’s going to require some straight up WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! (And, uh, me buying the game. *cough*)

    As for TF2, we’re still waiting on Soldier, Demoman and Engineer class-specific updates. Honestly, though, the mini-updates for Engi have been fine for me. As someone with more than 90 hours logged as a wrench-wielding Texan, I really don’t see much that needs changing with my favourite class. And yes, PYRO IS A WOMAN. Just wait for “Meet The Pyro”; all will be revealed.

    OMFG, Arkham Asylum!!! Play the demo if you haven’t already. It is, indeed, awesome, from the killer voices (Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Arleen Sorkin, OMFG) to the FreeFlow Combat that appears to work as advertised. Not sold on Harley Quinn’s outfit needing to be gothsexified, though… that was a little unnecessary.

    SF4. You. Me. Now. Play. Prepare for Dhalsim and/or Cammy beatdown. “rituro” on GFWL and Steam.

  18. Posted on Aug 18, 2009

    Rituro, if you are indeed better than Jorge at RTS games, you will kill me in seconds in them.

    Thanks for piping up again! I always suspected you were checking in from time to time :)

  19. Oddly, Rituro, I think that I may be able to fight you more effectively in DOW2. I didn’t say that I would win, though.

    As for my Termy problem, I think I have it licked.


  20. Posted on Sep 1, 2009

    Playcable reference:

  21. By Reay
    Posted on Feb 3, 2010

    Good episode. I do, however, miss Adam in the podcasts. Just because he’s off building Skynet for his PhD doesn’t mean he can’t show up once a month (or whenever) to toss in his two cents on games.

  22. Posted on Feb 3, 2010

    Adam’s a fictional character. We made him up.

  23. Reay, seeing as you love Adam so much you should come and sit in on a podcast!

    I mean, if Michael Jackson can crawl out of his coffin and show up, you should be able to as well.

  24. By Rituro
    Posted on Apr 25, 2012

    Hey, I know that voice!

  25. You should! He’s an Ork lover.

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