To Infinity and Beyond
Hulk Out

By Jorge Figueiredo - November 9th, 2014


Since Disney Infinity 2.0 came out, I have been patiently awaiting my pre-order for the Hulk. Lo and behold, he arrived! And man, is he awesome!

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Saying Goodbye

By Jorge Figueiredo - October 24th, 2014


One week ago, Eric Weiss (from Dork Shelf) wrote a eulogy for Gamercamp. If you don’t plan on clicking past the jump here, I’d recommend that you at least read Eric’s wonderful words (with a sweet forward written by Will Perkins). I suspect that if you asked any Gamercamp participant (be they developers, organizers, or attendee) to read that passage, they would most likely harbour wet eyes and nod at least once. It’s a wonderful tribute to a fantastic annual event that saw it’s last staging last weekend. So what made it so special?

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Upcoming Events

By Jorge Figueiredo - October 8th, 2014

Image lovingly swiped from Gamercamp (photo by Gavin Hay).

Well, folks? This year is Gamercamp’s final year (you can check out our coverage of previous years here. For those not in the know, Gamercamp is a celebration of videogame culture. For three days, Gamercamp hosts talks, presentations, gaming sessions and much more, all in the name of showcasing the talent of the North American games community.If you have never been to a Gamercamp before, you need to go check it out; if you have gone to at least one of these, then you know how special it is – and you need to go check it out.

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Not Much Longer…
Are You Ready?
Disney Infinity Compatibility Answers

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 10th, 2014

Buzz Lightyear looks on as Rocket Raccoon gets ready to make some noise on September 23.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes will be here soon. There have been a lot of questions regarding compatibility between Disney Infinity 1.0 and Disney Infinity 2.0. Luckily, there is a great web page that explains everything. Check it out here.

Fan Expo Canada 2014
Ubi Workshop

By Jorge Figueiredo - August 29th, 2014


If you ever wondered what Santa’s elves are like, just go to the Ubi Workshop booth. They are located towards the back along the edge of their parent’s (Ubisoft’s) booth footprint. While they may not have pointy ears, or work in the North Pole, they certainly know how to work magic (and frankly, be jolly). While Ubisoft is busy making immersive games, Ubi Workshop brings the games to life by creating great merchandise centered around the worlds featured within those titles.

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The LEGO Movie Blu-Ray

By Jorge Figueiredo - July 24th, 2014


I’m sure the phrase “everything is awesome” will be (and is being) used to death to describe this film. While I don’t normally go in for using a single catchphrase to describe a movie, it’s hard not to in the case of The LEGO Movie. When the trailer was released some time ago, I was both excited and afraid; excited at the idea that such a movie could exist – afraid because of the possibility of failure. Smallest Thumbs and I attended the sneak preview earlier this year, and we also played the video game shortly after. To say that we were pleased with both entertainment options is the understatement of the year. The film did have a few moments of technical weirdness (that didn’t take away from the film’s greatness, for the record) – but these have all been fixed on the Blu-ray, making it a must-own movie.

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Oh Canada!
True Patriot Thumbs!

By Jorge Figueiredo - July 1st, 2014

Herald to Autumn - Algonquin Park - October 2004
You can check out the source of the image here.

Happy Canada Day! In old-timey 1867, on this day, Canada became a country! Our Canadian national men’s soccer team may not be in the World Cup, but we certainly can lay claim to some other great things. For instance, our Canadian U-20 women’s team is in the upcoming FIFE U-20 world cup, plus Canadians have made a lot of really cool inventions and discoveries! In terms of videogames, some of the most awesome videogames are made up here, in ol’ Canucklehead land!

So be proud, Canadians! However, being overly proud is un-Canadian – so be careful!

Also, in this post, worlds collide as the image that I post is from my other life over at Figtography. Be sure to check it out!

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