Season of Giving
No Pause For a Cause

By Jorge Figueiredo - December 15th, 2010


Being in a hospital sucks. Even if it is a nice hospital, the fact that you’re there usually isn’t a good thing. Now imagine being a kid in a hospital, without the experience of adulthood to temper the fear and sadness that you would probably feel. Yeah, I don’t want to imagine it either, but there are kids stuck in wards in hospitals all over the place – and some people actually want to do something about it.

Enter the No Pause For a Cause team. These guys are going to play some of the weirdest video games ever made and live stream this adventure for your amusement. They are going to take donations for Child’s Play and have set a modest amount of $1,000 as a goal. On December 18th, at noon (EST), these superhuman gamers will play for 30 hours.

Why not help them reach their goal (and then some)? This promises to be a lot of fun (especially to watch) and there are prizes to be won*! Initiatives like this make me proud to be human.

Click here to visit and support these guys! ยป

* – I have been told to pass on that there is a draw going on for a “Todd & The Book of Pure Evil Prize Pack”. People can get entries by tweeting @NoPauseMarathon or by posting our facebook event on their wall. Couple of rules: Max 2 entries per day one for each FaceBook and Twitter. Facebook entries must make the post available for everyone to see (by clicking the lock below the post), then email with the subject line “Chaos Contest” with a link to your Facebook page. Contest ends at 1pm (EST) Dec 18th, and will be announced live in their broadcast.

Charity Event
Jason Wesley’s Rock Band for Child’s Play

By Jason Wesley - September 29th, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Jason! If you recall, Jason was one of the winners of our DJ Hero contest last year. It turns out that Jason is even more awesome than we thought he was! Why? Let’s just say that he is the type of guy to look out for his fellow humans. Best to leave it to him to explain, but I will say this: If anyone can help him with his idea, we’re all ears!

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