Zombie Jackson Vs. Thumbs Jackson

By Toronto Thumbs Staff - June 25th, 2010


Here at Toronto Thumbs we like to engage our minds. One fun exercise that really stretches the ol’ noodle is the “a vs b” fight scenario. What’s that, you ask? It is when you use your imagination to figure out the outcome of a battle between two named parties. Those who tend to calculate odds in sports tend to ponder things like this; however, the scenarios we like to think about are usually ones that would probably never happen.

Today’s fight?  Zombie Michael Jackson vs. Thumbs Mike Jackson.

Ultimate Band VS Bagpipes

By Shaun Hatton - December 3rd, 2008


Around lunchtime today I headed up to Dundas Square to check out Disney Interactive Studios’ Ultimate Band for Wii. Think Guitar Hero or Rock Band without the need for a storage locker. Ultimate Band is a music rhythm game that utilizes the Wii controllers you already own to bring a full band experience to your living room. Since there’s no need for custom controllers, it’s really handy for apartment-dwellers. The downside, however, is that instead of looking goofy rocking out to a small plastic guitar, you look goofy shaking the Wii Remote and nunchuck attachments.

When I arrived at Dundas Square, I realized the demonstrations for the game were actually happening outside the Sears entrance of the Eaton Centre. It’s an area with higher traffic, so it makes sense that the game’s PR people would want to take advantage of the additional eyeballs. After all, it isn’t every day you get to walk by people with televisions strapped to their backs!

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All Thumbs Up
A Simple Guide to Hosting a Game Event

By Jorge Figueiredo - November 27th, 2008


Shaun hosts a regular small gathering of gamers at his place most Fridays. It’s a show-up-if-you-want event. These are great because if you’re looking for some competition from like-minded gamers, you can just head on over and hang out with him and whoever to do some quality gaming (although this shouldn’t be taken as an open invitation for everyone to show up – Ed.). Since the crowd is never too big, everyone gets a turn, and two-player matches are the order of the day.

I tend to host larger gatherings far less frequently. I invite people that don’t normally come out to Shaun’s gatherings, resulting in a much larger turnout. While changing the dynamics in terms of games enjoyed, the increased diversity really allows for some interesting gaming experiences.

Since moving into my new place, and what with having a new baby last year, I didn’t have time to host anything until fairly recently. Also, I was concerned about waking the baby, as the baby’s room is right above the TV.

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True Gaming Friends: The Hidden Roost Edition

By Jorge Figueiredo - October 13th, 2008

Soldier Doom


Team Fortress 2

How to Tell You’ve got a TGF:

After a good round of TF2, your TGF and you have a telephone conversation about it.  He remarks that your skills as a Sniper have improved a lot since you last played together.  He tells you that he’s interested in your strategies and would like to know some of your tricks so that he can learn to play the position better.  So you tell him.

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