Farewell to Toronto Thumbs
Thank You, Everyone!

By Jorge Figueiredo - March 31st, 2015


Well, here we are – the final post on Toronto Thumbs. It’s funny, but I have been so busy editing all of the final content for the site that I have neglected my own writing – go figure. That’s really the story of the site, though – one of sacrifice and endurance. As of this post, I am on record as having written 1,341 articles on this site. The funny thing is that there is really a lot more to it than just the writing. For that, though, we’ll have to start at the beginning.

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Date Night
Zelda Symphony

By Seán O'Sullivan - March 28th, 2015

These photos borrowed from The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses.

It doesn’t take an astute person to note that Zelda has one of the most iconic soundtracks in gaming ever. The melodies that signal intrigue or payoff have seeped into the general gaming culture, and the Fairy Fountain theme even made a cameo in Scott Pilgrim vs the World. In a marketplace that can sustain multiple touring companies playing videogame soundtracks, an all-Zelda show is a no-brainer.

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Upcoming Events
Zelda Symphony – March 20 (Toronto)
Cosplay as a Symphony-Goer

By Seán O'Sullivan - March 8th, 2015

Images courtesy of Nintendo.

If you have had a chance to sample The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, or its terrific 3DS remake from last month, then you’re surely aware that it features an overabundance of excellent original music. Fortunately for Toronto’s Zelda fans and music aficionados alike, the Zelda Symphony is returning to the Sony Centre on March 20, 2015, and it will include a special portion devoted to Majora’s Mask.

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By Evan Bergstra - February 13th, 2015


Where were you on Monday night? I was downtown on Queen West in a dressed-up loft space above Design Republic trying my hand at Evolve on Xbox One. EB Games and Xbox Canada put together a launch-party-slash-demo of the game, where we could bathe in green LEDs and eat Doritos with Mountain Dew. Sounds like a wicked party, right? As a demo night, things were pretty simple as no devs were onsite to talk about the release. It was more of a barebones, hands-on experience for media and consumers to spend a few rounds in the game before its official launch at midnight. If you’re curious how it came together, the short answer is that the game is good. There’s still a lot we need to see before making more confident and thorough assessments, though, so stay tuned for our complete review.

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Game Day!

By Jorge Figueiredo - January 24th, 2015


Well, it’s not the Super Bowl, but it’s still a lot of fun! Today at the office, Toronto Thumbs is celebrating an awesome first month of the year with our first 2015 Game Day! Just a few of us hanging out, trash talkin’ and playing for the title of Master of the Universe. We will probably span a few systems today – but who cares? It’s all in good fun, right? You should make sure to take some time to hang with your family or friends for your own Game Day! Whether it’s board games, videogames, or whatever – it’s always nice to just hang out and have fun.

Big props to fellow Canadians from Bomb Energy Drink for providing us with fuel for our Game Day! Be sure to check out Dragon’s Den on January 28th, where The Bomb Nation faces off against the fiery council for backing! You can also check them out here.

Fuel. Fuel is good.

PS: We are having Smozers.
PPS: Stay tuned to see how you can win your own Bomb Energy Drink gift pack!

Friday Fun
The Book of Life – Twitter Party

By Jorge Figueiredo - January 9th, 2015


So, The Book of Life is out on Digital HD and Fox wants to have a little bit of fun with folks that have purchased it. Later today (January 9) at 20:00 ET/17:00 PT, there will be a Twitter viewing party hosted by the film’s director, Jorge Gutierrez. Folks that want to tune in can join @BookofLifeMovie and join a real-time conversation during the viewing with tons of fans and journalists! If you are participating, be sure to use the hastag (#BookofLifeFiesta) so you can make yourself heard and have fun!

You can purchase the digital copy of this film from iTunes or Google Play.


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Best of the Season!
A Christmas Morning Message

By Jorge Figueiredo - December 25th, 2014


I understand that Christmas is not everyone’s thing – but it is something that I celebrate. Specifically, I celebrate the “good will towards each other” part, so you’ll have to take my greeting with a grain of salt or a cup of egg nog – your choice. Last year, I had a bit of a ranty message on Christmas. While that might not have been the best idea, I felt that I needed to get it off my chest – and it still applies today.

That being said, I’m not going to preach today (I’ll save that for next week). Instead, I just want to wish you my very best and hope that you have a safe and happy holiday with loved ones.