Canadian Videogame Awards

Dragons: Rise of Berk

By Jorge Figueiredo - December 19th, 2014


One of the nominees at this year’s Canadian Videogame Awards was Ludia, a Montreal-based developer. Their handheld title, Dragons: Rise of Berk (iOS and Android), went on to win the Fans’ Choice Award for 2014 – and deservedly so.

We are still working on our review of the game (the battle mode was just recently released); in the mean time, we posed some questions to some of the staff at Ludia and they provided us with some answers! Big thanks to Coralie Munier (Producer), Fred Bibet (VP of Production), Mike Kitt (Game Designer), Terry Maranda (Lead 2D Artist), and Matthew Macaskill (Community).

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2014 Canadian Video Game Awards
Dorkshelf’s Interview with Victor Lucas

By Jorge Figueiredo - December 5th, 2014


During the 2014 Canadian Videogame Awards, we teamed up with Dorkshelf to increase the amount of coverage that we could attain. So, while I was interviewing some of the voice actors and Evan was photo-documenting the event, Jonathan Ore (Dorkshelf) was chatting it up with the main man himself, Victor Lucas. You can check out the text version of that interview here.

And for the audio version, you can go here (although, you’ll have to dig through the file to find the interview).

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Season 2, Episode 19
The 2014 Canadian Videogame Awards

By Toronto Thumbs Staff - November 29th, 2014

The 2014 Canadian Videogame Awards. Click the pic to see the interview gallery.

This year’s Canadian Videogame Awards was held on November 21st in Toronto, Ontario. Rather than the typical red carpet procedure, we got to freely mingle and chat with folks in the VIP area. Needless to say, there were a lot of interesting people to talk to – but there was not enough time to chat with everyone. Thankfully, we did manage to find some old friends (and new ones) to chat with. To extend our reach and make the most of our experience, we teamed up with Jonathan Ore from Dork Shelf.

So sit back and listen to our podcast, in which we chat with the likes of: Kate Drummond, Shaun Hatton, Cristina Rosato, Victor Lucas, Jim Watson, Roger Craig Smith, and Mark Meer. For the sake of visual reference, click on the image above to see a gallery containing each of our interview subjects. Most of them are selfies (because that’s what the kids are doing these days), and were evidence of a great time had by all.

Subscribe to our podcast feed to know about new podcasts as soon as they’re published. You can also find us in the iTunes store. Just search for “Toronto Thumbs”, grab your favourite snack and beverage, and give us a listen!

You can check out the full video footage from the Canadian Video Game Awards via EP’s Twitch page here.

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Coming Soon
2014 Canadian Videogame Awards Coverage

By Jorge Figueiredo - November 22nd, 2014


Well, last night was a blast! Evan and I were joined by Jonathan from Dork Shelf to cover the 2014 Canadian Videogame Awards. In the last few years, the CVAs have been hosted out of Vancouver, and Rituro has made it his business to ensure that we have a presence there. However, this year the event was held in downtown Toronto (at The Carlu).

We have always wanted to work with Dork Shelf on projects, and this is our first real collaboration. So stay tuned, and we will soon be posting photo coverage, some written pieces, and some audio to give you an account of our experiences!


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Event Announcement
5th Annual Canadian Videogame Awards
Taking Place In Toronto, Canada!

By Jorge Figueiredo - July 11th, 2013


I made my way down to the Drake on Queen Street in the West end of downtown Toronto earlier this evening. I checked my e-mail invitation from Reboot Communications to ensure that I was good for time, and ended up being early for the event. I relaxed upstairs on the patio and worked on my review for Animal Crossing: New Leaf while sipping a Mojito. Eventually, I made my way downstairs and Carla Tadla (Senior VP of Operations) from Reboot Communications greeted me and handed me my press package. You see, the Canadian Videogame Awards are normally hosted out West (and are lovingly covered by Rituro). However, the 2014 CVAs are going to be hosted in Toronto. Pretty cool news for us local peeps!

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