Happy Snoggletog!
Dragons: Rise of Berk
Christmas Review

By Jorge Figueiredo - December 25th, 2014


Earlier this year, Smallest Thumbs and I went to the movie theater and saw How to Train Your Dragon 2. It was one of those movies that one would fully expect to be just “okay” (as most sequels tend to be), ‎but it was far better than we expected – and we enjoyed it immensely.‎ Recently, at the Canadian Videogame Awards, I noticed that Ludia, a Canadian developer from Montreal, released a free-to-play game called Dragons: Rise of Berk for Android, iOS and Facebook. This hand-held title is based on Dreamworks’ high-flying sequel, and it won the 2014 Fans’ Choice Award. After I congratulated them for their victory, they encouraged me to give their title a try; and after spending some time with it, it is not difficult to see why Ludia took home the prize.

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Chat Fu
Alex Hayter

By Ricky Lima - August 7th, 2013


So I was introduced to this game called Chat Fu on Facebook. The goal of the game is to get your friends to say certain words in a Facebook chat without saying the word or similar words. It’s the game of social deception. I wanted to try out the game myself and what better way to do that than by interviewing Alex Hayter, the Marketing and PR Manager for Blot Interactive, in a Facebook chat? I have highlighted the words that I was trying to get him to say during our interview.

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Marvel: Avengers Alliance

By Seán O'Sullivan - March 14th, 2012

Hint: the review matches the look on Ben Grimm’s face.

Every now and then, we beleaguered games critics find ourselves addressing that troublesome question: how much of a game should we endure before warning our readers to steer clear? Since part of my God-given duty is keeping fools and their money together, it becomes particularly tricky when the game in question is free-to-play, and requires (predominantly) the investment of one’s time.

In the spirit of showing concern for your time, let me begin by stating that Marvel: Avengers Alliance is not worth yours.

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Dungeon Overlord

By Rituro - February 5th, 2012


It is perhaps a sign of my growing grognard-itis that the biggest fault I can find with Dungeon Overlord is its location: Facebook. Put simply, this is a game that deserves so much better than to be stuck amongst the Farmville clones of the world.

I have mentioned in the past that for games similar to Dungeon Overlord’s construction, there needs to be a solid hook or gimmick to separate them from the pack. Right from the get-go, Dungeon Overlord serenades me with the unmistakable opening to In the Hall of the Mountain King”: classical music, good start. What follows is a sure-fire recipe for success: lava, tunnels, room building, monster recruiting, goblin minions that can be shocked into submission…

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On the Horizon
Marvel: Avengers Alliance

By Seán O'Sullivan - January 13th, 2012

“It’s a big world out there, folks – and we can firebomb the hell out if it if we want.”

This past Monday, Disney Interactive announced the latest marquee name to get a Facebook game, in the form of Marvel: Avengers Alliance, set for release sometime in Q1 2012. The announcement trailer (game-play in absentia) sets the scene – the world is under siege, and a mysterious force is super-charging the villains; so it’s up to the player to ‘recruit and command’ the Avengers to put a stop to all this nasty business.

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My Conservation Park

By Jorge Figueiredo - August 22nd, 2011


My Conservation Park is a Facebook game that attempts to bridge the gap between the web and reality in a different way. Developed by Toronto-based Good World Games (they have an office in Liberty Villate), the premise is to run your own conservation park which would, inevitably, show a real-world difference by contributing part of the game revenue to a non-profit partner’s conservation program.

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Do Or Die

By Jorge Figueiredo - June 14th, 2011


So, a little while ago, Microsoft Canada started a bit of an interesting contest called “Do Or Die” which involved a number of would-be survivalists gaining the support of the internet community to help them get a seat on a plane to a mystery destination; once at these places, the finalists would have to survive using their wits and a Windows 7 PC (no money, no suitcase and no security blanket). Well, those three finalists have been chosen and are already at those destinations.

What kind of people would be crazy enough to do this? Well, Toronto Thumbs managed to score some quick interviews* with these globe-trotting folks so you can see for yourself what it takes to be someone that will Do Or Die! Don’t forget to visit the page and follow these stalwart survivalists!

* – For the record, we interviewed these fine people before they knew their final destinations.