Football Manager 2015

By Rituro - December 10th, 2014


Well, here we are again. Another year, another chance to devote hundreds of hours of gaming time to the singular pursuit of football soccer1 excellence. How do they do it? How does Sports Interactive manage to create such an addictive product year after year? If modern game trends have taught me anything – and they haven’t – it’s that gamers want flash, sizzle, pulse-pounding action, in-your-face characters and the ability to assert your dominance in a 64-player madhouse. Standing in stark opposition to that line of thinking is Football Manager 2015, a game about managing a soccer team nearly anywhere in the world through spreadsheets, managerial decisions and hands-off tactical control. This isn’t FIFA 15; you won’t be waggling any thumbsticks or memorizing button timings to run up the score. Instead, you’ll be scouring the globe for the top talent, poring over match feedback and fending off greedy AI managers and nosy tabloid journalists – and you’ll love every minute of it.

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Video Interview
Sander de Visser
Convoy Games

By Rituro - November 27th, 2014

The interview. Click to enjoy!

Nanos gigantum humeris insidentes – loosely translated from latin, it means “standing on the shoulders of giants”, often in reference to something improving on (and being indebted to) its predecessor. It’s a concept that applies very well to game development, as old ideas become new again with a new audience to appreciate them. Without Doom, we don’t have Duke Nukem 3D; without Duke, we don’t have Quake; without Quake, we don’t have Half-Life – and on it goes. Over in the Netherlands, Sander de Visser is part of a three-person team aiming to stand on the shoulders of FTL and build the next big rogue-like success by adding a splash of Mad Max. I had a chance to chat with Sander and discuss the development of Convoy, their successful Kickstarter campaign and more. Check it out in the video above.

Tropico 5
The Big Cheese

By Rituro - September 7th, 2014


Let’s say you’re running your own country. Things are going well – massive palace, fat bank account, a populace not yet attempting a mass uprising over the lack of health care – and you’ve started wondering if anything is missing in your life. You’ve got the economy, the industry, the agriculture, the fancy statue of yourself… could there be anything more? Oh my, yes! You see, there’s one thing you haven’t yet implemented – one hallmark of every ruler that would cement your legacy as the greatest despot ever to hoard cash, taunt the Russians and corner the basement rum market. Presidente, you still need cheese.

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First Impressions
Tropico 5

By Rituro - August 2nd, 2014

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Change has come to the lush islands of Tropico. No longer do you oppress the peasantry, court world leaders and fund space programs in solitude – now you can put your dictator credentials to the test against other Presidentes in a full multi-player mode. This is not the challenge creator/leaderboards of earlier incarnations; this is you and up to three friends/enemies duking it out for glory, honour and a bloated Swiss bank account. Check out the video for my first impressions of Tropico 5 multi-player!

Video Interview with Nick Yonge
from krangGAMES

By Rituro - July 28th, 2014

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Game developers, like the games they make, come in all shapes and sizes. Some developers are hundred-strong teams cranking out AAA titles every year, some are a handful of close-knit friends continuing a beloved series, and some are just a single person working on a labour of love. Regardless of size, all of these teams have something in common: a passion for making good games. That’s certainly the case with krangGAMES, a one-man operation run by Vancouver-based developer Nick Yonge. Nick is perhaps best-known for his Canadian Videogame Award-nominated i saw her standing there, a charming platformer about zombies and love. Recently, I saw down with Nick to talk about the life of an indie developer and his upcoming Kickstarter-funded game, Emerald.

Tiny Realms

By Rituro - June 29th, 2014


Not long after my interview with TinyMob Games’ Jamie Toghill, I was contacted by the team with an offer to come down to the studio and get my hands on an alpha build of TinyMob’s debut game, Tiny Realms. As someone who has been a fanatical devourer of video games since my first crack at Zaxxon for the ColecoVision1, the chance to get a sneak peek at a game from inside a developer’s walls is something of a giddy thrill for me. So it was that, nerdy glee barely contained, I hunkered down in TinyMob’s downtown Victoria studio with an iPad and a hot chocolate2 for a test drive of Tiny Realms.

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Of Aliens and Texts

By Rituro - March 13th, 2013

“Hey, big nasty! What has two thumbs, carries a laser shotgun and can outflank your glowing alien butt? This guy!”

If you’ll recall my Best of 2012 article, one of the biggest surprises was that XCOM: Enemy Unknown only finished at #2. Those of you who know me surely know of my undying love for the original X-COM: UFO Defense, a game that consumed no small number of my college hours1 and, as a result, ensured a permanent place in my elite pantheon of “Best Games Ever”. So, why did XCOM finish behind Faster Than Light? Was I consumed with rose-tinted nostalgia for the original2? No; honestly, FTL deserved the nod. When an indie game brings as much to the table as FTL did for a palatable price point and delivers a solid, enjoyable experience play-through after play-through, I am obliged to pay the appropriate amount of respect. Plus, you get to slice through alien ships with a big honkin’ laser beam. That’s a can of fun all to itself right there.

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