The Book of Life

By Jorge Figueiredo - January 24th, 2015


If you missed the Twitter party for the digital release of The Book of Life (official page here), never fear! Thanks to Fox, you now have a chance to win a copy of the Blu-Ray, which is being released on January 27th! Fox had a trivia feature that they asked us to post, but we chatted with them and have agreed to shake it up a bit by seeing if you can guess the answers!

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Friday Fun
The Book of Life – Twitter Party

By Jorge Figueiredo - January 9th, 2015


So, The Book of Life is out on Digital HD and Fox wants to have a little bit of fun with folks that have purchased it. Later today (January 9) at 20:00 ET/17:00 PT, there will be a Twitter viewing party hosted by the film’s director, Jorge Gutierrez. Folks that want to tune in can join @BookofLifeMovie and join a real-time conversation during the viewing with tons of fans and journalists! If you are participating, be sure to use the hastag (#BookofLifeFiesta) so you can make yourself heard and have fun!

You can purchase the digital copy of this film from iTunes or Google Play.


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The Imitation Game
Papa Thumbs Goes to the Movies

By Jorge Figueiredo - December 16th, 2014


For the record, this film is about a historical figure, and so anything written here will probably be a mild spoiler for those who are unaware of the history of Alan Turing. That being said, I feel that after what I have revealed here, readers will still enjoy the movie a lot. You have been warned.

‎If you are looking for a reason to go to the movie theater this holiday season, you should check out The Imitation Game, the story of Alan Turing. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and ‎Kiera Knightly, the film tells the tale of the Allies’ quest to decipher the mystery behind the Enigma Machine‎, the device used by the Nazis to encrypt and decrypt all of their own communications before and during World War 2. The spotlight shines mainly on Turing’s efforts in this quest (working with the British military), but it also touches on his personal quirks and addresses his horrible treatment by the British government because of his homosexuality.

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By Sharad Hirjee - November 10th, 2014


Sometimes we get invited to some interesting press screenings. Sharad’s review might be a bit on the short side – but it’s only because he struggled with not letting too many important details out of the bag. -ed.

A night crawler is a freelance videographer that goes out at night and trolls for accidents and/or crimes, captures them on film, and then sells them the next day to the highest bidder. Nightcrawler was released at the Toronto International Film Festival (with much acclaim) and was one of the hottest tickets and sold out almost immediately.

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By Jorge Figueiredo - August 30th, 2014


Throughout the history of horrors and thrillers, reflections have had their fair share of screen time. Sometimes, reflections reveal a monster or murderer sneaking up behind an unsuspecting character, causing the audience to shout out at the screen. At other times, the lack of a character’s reflection in a mirror hints at their supernatural origin. And who can forget those movies that feature horrible creatures that are summoned through the use of a mirror? Yes, reflections have the capacity to add an extra layer of fright to almost any already tense situation. Oculus (WWE Studios, Blumhouse Productions, and Intrepid Pictures), a 2014 horror film written by Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard, takes a mirror, and places it squarely in the center of a twisted plot. While slow-moving at times, I found that Oculus was a clever film, pushing forth a scary idea and then wrapping around the viewer’s imagination to great effect, making it a somewhat refreshing film from a genre that seems to be filled with boring and tired movies in more recent times.

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Dr. Cabbie
World Premiere Screening

By Jorge Figueiredo - August 26th, 2014

Click this pic to watch the trailer.

With TIFF around the corner, Toronto (and a bunch of other places) are buzzing with excitement. So how would you like to go check out the world premiere screening of Dr. Cabbie on Sunday, August 31? For those who are unfamiliar with the film, the story is about a newly arrived immigrant doctor who cannot get a job in Canada and is forced to become a taxi driver. Of course, he ends up doing a lot more than just driving a cab. Does this sound like something you might like to see? What if we sweeten the pot and tell you that the cast will be there, along with a special guest? Well, one lucky winner will be able to go with a friend. All you have to do is enter after the jump!

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Batman: Assault on Arkham

By Jorge Figueiredo - August 18th, 2014


Batman: Assault on Arkham is an interesting prospect for a number of reasons. First of all, it is based (loosely) on Rocksteady’s Arkham series. Secondly, Batman isn’t really the main character. No, this film follows the misadventures of a band of criminals trying to do a job while attempting to steer clear of “the Bat”. With plenty of action, humour and a few raunchy moments, this adaptation of the “Suicide Squad” (from DC Comics’ “New 52″ series) is a lot of fun to watch. Be warned, though; this DC Universe animated original plays like a Gotham villain’s version of The Hangover – a kid’s movie this a’int.

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