Farewell to Toronto Thumbs
Thank You, Everyone!

By Jorge Figueiredo - March 31st, 2015


Well, here we are – the final post on Toronto Thumbs. It’s funny, but I have been so busy editing all of the final content for the site that I have neglected my own writing – go figure. That’s really the story of the site, though – one of sacrifice and endurance. As of this post, I am on record as having written 1,341 articles on this site. The funny thing is that there is really a lot more to it than just the writing. For that, though, we’ll have to start at the beginning.

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Remembering Bill

By Jorge Figueiredo - October 12th, 2014


This is probably the first time we have ever done something like this on Toronto Thumbs. I don’t normally put too much of myself on here, but Bill was a special guy; and even though he doesn’t have much to do with videogames, or modern technology, he could easily have been a character in many of the games that we play and I felt like I needed to tell as many people as I could how awesome he was.

I met William Edward Fedun a long time ago at a Renaissance festival outside of Milton, Ontario. My youngest brother introduced me to him as a maker of medieval armour and a dealer of medieval (and some modern) weapons. I remember meeting him for the first time at the booth for the South Tower Armouring Guild. I walked up and we shook hands, and though I was taller than he was, there was something about him in that handshake that would lead one to believe that they were shaking hands with a stout tree, or a mountain of some sort. Yet, beside this feeling of spiritual hugeness about him, he had geniune smile and sparkling eyes that spoke of true friendliness and mischief.

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Behind the Curtain
Reclaiming Reclaim
Inspiration From a Review

By Toronto Thumbs Staff - September 20th, 2014


Toronto Thumbs has been around for a while now, and we have always tried to be a fun site to read. We strive for honestly, and our approach to reviews is to pretend that we are sitting down and talking to a friend about something that we played. If we liked it, we say why we liked it; if we don’t, we say what we feel is wrong and how we think it can be fixed. While, at times, our frustration may get the better of us, we do try to be as professional as humanly possible. Invariably, we often get feedback on reviews that we write, and we though it would be interesting (with permission from our contacts) to share what can be a positive experience.

This first entry in the Behind the Curtain column was inspired by an exchange between one of our writers (Dave McLean) and the person representing No-Pact’s iOS title, Reclaim. Dave wasn’t happy with the game, but I feel that the follow up discussion was constructive. The conversation has been converted to fit into a dialogue format.

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Industry News
Ubisoft Toronto Enlist Local Talent for Apprenticeship

By Seán O'Sullivan - May 30th, 2014


When Ubisoft Toronto was founded in 2009, it had a daunting mission: develop and ship the next installment in one of Ubisoft’s premiere AAA franchises. Making games takes a lot of people, so amassing a workforce of 200 in southern Ontario (which wasn’t exactly a hotspot for AAA development) was no mean feat. Ubisoft Toronto is still actively seeking local talent (as it seeks to grow to 800 strong by 2020), and in service of this goal, they held a competition for students to win an apprenticeship working with the art team on an “exciting project”, where they’ll gain invaluable experience.

The culmination of this competition was an exhibit for the top five finalists at the Toronto studio, where the winner was announced by Scott Lee, the Art Director for Ubisoft Toronto. Of the 7 schools that participated (including Sheridan, Seneca, OCAD, George Brown, Carlton University, and Humber), Brian Zuleta from Max the Mutt Animation College took the top honours.

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Microsoft Digital Trends

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 20th, 2014


Recently, Microsoft did a study about some of the latest digital trends. This endeavour was no local study, either – they canvassed over nine thousand people from across nine different countries to figure out what makes people’s digital worlds tick these days, and they found some really interesting answers. For instance, did you know that consumers are now turning to niche networks to fulfill their online needs? In many ways, it makes sense! Why would you bother casting a broad net when there are other ways to have the information aggregated for you? Also, responding to something that you might see in a smaller network has a higher chance of being responded to!

Another cool trend is about Creator Culture, where consumers like to understand how things work, and like to get their hands dirty through the process of creation rather than simply consuming things. This highlights the strong position that technology holds in various cultures. I’m not sure how deep this creative bug goes, though – as most people like to make you think that they are a lot more engaged than they really are; however, it is compelling to see that people in general are trying to become more technologically self-sufficient.

There are many interesting bits of information that you can check out on the Microsoft Digital Trends site. Go check it out!

Cool Beans!
Disney Infinity 2.0?

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 10th, 2014

If you haven’t seen this trailer yet, I’d be very surprised. For those of you who have been sitting on the fence, wondering whether or not you should purchase Disney Infinity, this short clip may change your mind. For those of you who now seem to have drawers full of duplicate Boosters, this will probably call for a second mortgage on your place of residence. Take a look, and I’ll catch up to you after the jump.

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What a Year!
A Year In Review

By Jorge Figueiredo - December 31st, 2013

The images in this article are 100% recycled from other articles. We care about the environment.

It has been quite a year here around the offices of Toronto Thumbs. Honestly, this has probably been our busiest year yet! 2013 was a year full of firsts for us, and we hope that you have enjoyed the ride! It has been pretty damned busy as of late, and a few things have contributed to some delays in the review schedule – so the beginning of 2014 is going to bring a slew of Xbox One and Playstation 4 game reviews. In the mean time, it’s party night! So let’s take a peek and see what kind of craziness happened over the last 365 days…

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