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A Videogame Comes to Life!

By Jorge Figueiredo - January 14th, 2015

All photos courtesy of Battlegrounds.

There isn’t much time left to take the Hill. The Blue Team has been camping there long enough to erode your lead, leaving your team little choice but to make a desperate charge and hope for the best. You lean around the corner and hear the telltale sound of assault rifles, your vest shivering as your shield is being pounded into oblivion. You quickly pull back completely behind cover, making a mental note that three of the four Blues are hunkered down securely at the captured location. You wonder where their fourth member is – she was the one that seemed to give you so much trouble. Why, with all of the Reds covering the field there’s nowhere that she could hi-

Suddenly, you feel your vest shake, giving up the last of your recharging shield to the pounding force of a shotgun – and before you can react, she switches to an assault rifle and takes you down rapidly, causing mild electric shocks to the armband on your bare right arm – one pinching buzz for every quarter of your life. Then, you are dead. The buzzer goes, indicating the end of the match, and your team has the blues because you failed to make the other team see Red.

Welcome to Battlegrounds!

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Cakes Cove

By Jason Wesley - December 14th, 2014


There are a lot of geek-themed baked goods and cakes swarming the internet. Taking a look at any Facebook timeline reveals people baking Tardis Cookies and Portal Cakes (which, of course, are a lie). It adds a wonderful visual delight to the food before you eat it, but the one problem with these wonderful delectables on your timeline is that you can’t eat them!

Samantha Anderson runs Cakes Cove, a Toronto-based bakery which has been creating a wide variety of geek-themed cookies, chocolates and cakes since August 2013. You may have even seen some of her creations during Desert Bus 8, and her works have also been spotted in Toronto-filmed Space Janitors seen on the Geek & Sundry Youtube channel. She runs the gamut of themes, from Dexter and Walking Dead to Sandman and Star Wars. All of her specialities have been primarily sold through Toronto conventions such as FanExpo, and Sam is now taking the next step and is currently building a storefront at St. Clair and Dufferin.

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Cool Kickstarters
Optinvent ORA

By Jorge Figueiredo - October 16th, 2014


Google Glass is all the rage – but there are others entering the fray. Take Optinvent’s ORA, for example. It definitely takes a bit of a different route – but still looks to be quite functional and interesting, as per their Kickstarter. We shot a few questions at Kayvan Mirza (CEO & Co-Founder of Optinvent) – and he sent us a return volley of answery knowedge!

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Cool Kickstarters

By Jorge Figueiredo - August 28th, 2014


The number of selfies being taken seems to grow every day, if you pay attention to social media. More often than not, self-shot photos tend to lead to awkward head positions (the downward tilt) and, consequently, duck faces. Part of the problem is that our arms are not long enough, so unless you plan on undergoing some sort of somatic mutation in order to gain the arms of an orangutan, you will need to use some sort of mechanical device to help you put a little distance between your hand-held and your face. Enter the POPSCOPE, a selfie-taker’s best friend – but also so much more useful, as you can see from its Kickstarter page.

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Indie Go Go Go

By Jorge Figueiredo - July 29th, 2014


Every once in a while, there is a crowdfunding/Steam Greenlight opportunity that really deserves a chance. The kind folks from Nemoria Entertainment (in Sweden), creators of Oknytt, sent me a pre-alpha of their latest project: Northward. Northward is a management game set in a Nordic landscape that is obviously influenced by some old favorites of the past (The Settlers, for instance) and I have to say that I am hooked. What’s even more interesting is that the version that I am playing doesn’t even have the main feature that Nemoria plans to implement: co-operative play.

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Color Cables

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 22nd, 2014


In the land of charging cables, utility is king. While the cords that come with most devices get the job done, they’re usually quite short, or even delicate. I never thought this was true until I ended up ruining a few cords completely by accident – and when I say “accident”, I mean “incident” (as in “I totally didn’t expect this minor thing to completely decimate this cord”). There was an Indiegogo for a product called Color Cables that we tweeted about last month. The creators of that product were kind enough to send us a few to check out – and they are pretty sweet.

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By Jorge Figueiredo - February 7th, 2014


There are some pretty cool Kickstarters out there. I seem to be drawn to the ones that push product ideas that could be carried around by James Bond or Michael Westen (Burn Notice). This past Christmas, I shined a bit of a spotlight on RingTool, a multi-headed screwdriver (that can also be a bottle opener, Among other things). Currently, I find myself quite interested in a neat multi-tool called CiFer.

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