In Development
The Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods

By Jorge Figueiredo - March 28th, 2015


While I have a soft spot for indie titles, I have an even greater appreciation of indie titles with a distinct local flavour. Chris de Castro’s The Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods is a neat little gem that is currently in development that makes a statement about the way of things in our society. It focuses both on the problem and the solution in such a simple and honest way that I think it deserves a look.

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SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism

By Jorge Figueiredo - February 3rd, 2015


Recently, I reviewed the ‎SteelSeries Siberia V3 Prism headset, and found them to be a decent pair of headphones. While they sounded good, they didn’t blow me away, and the lack of in-line control caused me to scratch my head in puzzlement. SteelSeries also sent along another pair for review: the V3’s big sister, the Siberia Elite Prism. Let me tell you, even after spending a small amount of time with it, my experience with that headset was a lot different. Comfortable, easy to use, and great-sounding, there is a reason why these headphones are named “Elite”.

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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

By Jorge Figueiredo - January 8th, 2015


‎To me, Geometry Wars has always been the embodiment of old-timey gaming values. Back in the olden days of gaming there were no checkpoints, nor were there difficulty levels – there was just…the game. Anyone who ever poured quarters into PAC-MAN ot Galaxian knows what I’m talking about – games in which the first few waves seem almost too simple, and are later replaced by insanity. Your reflexes have to be able to keep up – or its back to square one. Those were the halcyon days where timing and wits were your only resources – and Lucid Games returns once again to these values in Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions for next-gen (and last-gen) consoles. While there are a few more twists, the essence of the game is still the same – and it is still hella fun.

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Football Manager 2015 Announced

By Rituro - August 11th, 2014


Finally, at long last, Sports Interactive has graced the world with precious, precious dates regarding Football Manager 2015. Now, I know that might seem like a bit of an overstatement considering that a yearly FM game is about as guaranteed as the yearly iterations of Madden, FIFA or Call of Duty. We know a new game is coming, people might say, so what all the hype? To those people, I say, “Shut your pie holes, you insolent whelps! They’re talking about Football Manager!”

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Second Glance
Faster Than Light: Advanced Edition

By Seán O'Sullivan - June 1st, 2014


Is there a place more precarious to humankind than the far reaches of space? Not only does the fatal lack of atmosphere preclude respiratory and auditory function, but it also necessitates the use of rudimentary, prone-to-failure technologies to prevent us from being exposed to the fatal nothing that’s out there. If you don’t want your blood to boil, freeze, and have your head explode, you’d best make sure that your technological umbilical cord is in full working order. Not only have millions of years of evolving on Earth made Homosapien bodies woefully ill-suited for spacefaring, but there are also the social considerations. Space is infinitely vast, and filled with indigenous creatures who don’t share our social constructs, so you’re always one faux pas away from having your head mounted on a space-mantle, or your atoms scrambled and reconstituted into space-fuel.

It is for precisely these reasons that spacefaring is the greatest, most intrepid adventure available to humankind, and there has been no game that’s done a better job of capturing this knife-edge tension than 2012’s Faster Than Light. Not even 1.5 years since the original’s release, developer Subset Games are back with a free expansion to the PC/Mac original, and an iPad port that brings the same grand adventures to the smaller screen.

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Chuck’s Challenge 3D

By Mehran Malek - November 27th, 2013


If you have been gaming for more than just a couple of decades, like me, you may occasionally get sentimental when you reflect on the sheer complexity of today’s videogames. These days, it tends to be all about big budgets, big stories, and intelligent AIs. However, before videogames became a bigger business than Hollywood and our phones surplanted yesteryear’s super computers, videogames had to fight for our attention by being simple, addictive, and challenging. That is: make it simple to pick up; make sure that it grabs one’s attention, and keep it addictive with short and varied level progression. Cue Niffler LTD’sChuck’s Challenge 3D for the PC.

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Sonos Play:3 and Sonos Bridge

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 26th, 2013


I grew up in a house full of music. My dad was something of an audiophile, and he loved listening to records. It wasn’t uncommon for us to all hang out as a family at the apartment, going through our routine with music playing in the background. When we moved into a house later on in my childhood, my dad ran speaker wire so that we could have music in more than one place. With the advent of widely-available wireless technology and easy-to-configure ethernet networks, practically anyone can have a multi-room sound setup without having to run cables. In this regard, Sonos has you covered with the Sonos Bridge and the Sonos Play:3.

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