Fan Expo Canada 2013
Steel Archers

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 24th, 2013


Just a few steps down from the Shuyan booth was a booth manned by folks from a small indie shop called Five Archers Corporation. They currently have a game in development for the PC and Mac called Steel Archers, which looked really interesting. A combination of third person action, RPG, and card collection, the game looked like it was coming along nicely.

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Road Redemption – Kickstarter
We’re Gonna Melee Like It’s 1999

By Seán O'Sullivan - April 28th, 2013


Any kid that grew up with a Sega Genesis and a decent taste in games should have fond memories of Road Rash. This motorcycle combat-racing franchise was a breath of fresh air back in 1991, not just for its novel game-play, but also for the goofy presentation that saw NPCs trash talking you between races, and rudimentary cut-scenes that played out depending on the outcome of a race.

Those who miss Road Rash have been left to suffer in silence, as EA haven’t released a game in the franchise since 2003; but fortunately, plucky indies Dark Seas Games have taken it upon themselves to fill the gap. And who’d have thunk it: they’re turning to Kickstarter to make things happen! Road Redemption is their take on the Road Rash formula, and if they reach their goal of $160,000, they’re planning to release on “high end” PC, MAC and Linux systems in July 2014, with other consoles on the drawing board.

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Alien Spidy

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 1st, 2013


Enigma Studios must really miss the old days when video games made you want to punch your television, because their latest game, Alien Spidy (published by Kalypso Media), is definitely a frustratingly punishing game that is the epitome of “easy to pick up; hard to master”. While I normally don’t mind this sort of masochistic mechanic, there is something to be said when the difficulty is not necessarily just in the game-play, but in the implementation of the controls.

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Tiny Troopers

By Jarita Lee - September 27th, 2012


Originally developed for iOS, Iceberg Interactive’s Tiny Troopers has made its way onto the big screen – as in your Windows/Mac screen. The premise of the game is simple: you control a group of soldiers, and your basic objective is to move and kill. As the title suggests, your soldiers are a bunch of mini-adults/South Park-esque children, making this game some sort of pseudo-child-soldier simulation…

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Dynamite Jack

By Rituro - May 25th, 2012


If you remember the shareware/demo scene of the MS-DOS era, you no doubt have memories of hundreds (if not thousands) of quirky little games. Shmups, racers, brawlers, button-mashers, top-down/side-scrolling action games, even the rare first-person game where the polygons were few and ugly* – they were all there, riding high purely on the strength of their game-play. Thus, it might be a strange compliment to pay, but it is one I give out with much warmth and encouragement: Dynamite Jack would be welcome on my old 486’s hard drive any day of the week.

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Airhead 1000 Wireless Headset

By Jorge Figueiredo - March 23rd, 2012


I’m fairly sure that the majority of us have to deal with a daily grind of some kind. Whether it’s work, or school, there are portions of the day that are as frantic as a farm in the path of an oncoming storm; and there are probably times that are as still as the air in a crypt. It also safe to say that a good portion of us use some sort of computer: a desktop or laptop (or equivalent) – a trapping of the workplace, or a tool for school. For those of us who like to listen to music (or audio in general – especially gaming-related audio), there is a great solution for good audio without the mess of wires – the Compuexpert Teknmotion Airhead 1000 portable wireless headset for the PC and Mac. It’s not perfect; but it is a solid piece of technology that gets the job done.

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Cars 2

By Jorge Figueiredo - July 9th, 2011


Movie-based games (particularly ones based on animated films) can be hit-and-miss. One of the greatest hits came in the form of Toy Story 3 by Avalanche Software. It was plain to see that they worked very closely with Pixar to create a game that gave the same feeling as the movie. The same can be said for Cars 2, which is a great kart-style racing game starring everyone’s favourite anthropomorphic cars; this title is something the whole family can enjoy.

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