Football Manager 2015 Announced

By Rituro - August 11th, 2014


Finally, at long last, Sports Interactive has graced the world with precious, precious dates regarding Football Manager 2015. Now, I know that might seem like a bit of an overstatement considering that a yearly FM game is about as guaranteed as the yearly iterations of Madden, FIFA or Call of Duty. We know a new game is coming, people might say, so what all the hype? To those people, I say, “Shut your pie holes, you insolent whelps! They’re talking about Football Manager!”

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Coming Soon
Disney Infinity 2.0!

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 30th, 2014

Click this pic to watch the trailer.

Earlier this month, Disney teased us with a trailer (that we wrote about here). Well, earlier today they put on a little bit of a presentation to talk about Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition). The presentation, hosted by Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and various Marvel film properties), and had various representatives from Disney Interactive, Avalanche Software and Marvel Entertainment. The hour-long presentation detailed what Avalanche had been up to since the launch of Disney Infinity and demonstrated that many of the changes and improvements to the Infinity franchise are fan-driven.

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Infinite Possibilites
It Started With a Mouse…

By Jorge Figueiredo - February 9th, 2014


When Smallest Thumbs and I first started playing Disney Infinity, we enjoyed the introduction, which was presented by none other than Mickey Mouse, the cornerstone of the Disney empire. Wandering around the Hall of Heroes within the game, we saw that there was a podium for Mickey, which meant that he was going to be released as a figure for the game. Well, the time has finally come for Mickey to step up to take his place in the Toy Box! Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey has come to Disney Infinity!

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New Xbox Dashboard

By Ricky Lima - December 6th, 2011


Xbox owners today are screaming at their machines and waving their hands furiously in front of their TV’s the world over. Microsoft has unleashed the newest iteration of their Xbox dashboard this morning and it promises to bring grand things and potentially change home entertainment for the better.

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Under a Rock?
Version 1.8 of Minecraft Out!

By Erika Szabo - September 14th, 2011


Version 1.8 of Minecraft (also known as Adventure Update) has been hotly anticipated by the game’s millions of fans. Not only because Notch and the team at Mojang have included more terrain and enemies, but also because the team has finally promised to implement a little more purpose into the mix. That’s not to say players didn’t create their own purpose – in fact, they did so in the most awe-inspiring ways (just check out my Top 10 Most Amazing Minecraft Creations article on Unimagamesity). Personally, I found Minecraft’s absence of defined purpose interesting, allowing players to unleash their more creative sides. However, with the release of this new patch, I also believe players will have more fun and be given many more options in the Minecraft world.

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Paul Hunter is a Dreamer

By Jorge Figueiredo - June 5th, 2010


Have you ever had a dream that scared the crap out of you? You know the kind: you are trapped somewhere; you are surrounded by the undead; you have no weapons; you look remarkably like Shia LaBoeuf and Megan Fox is nowhere in sight! Overcome with terror, you wake up in a cold sweat, afraid to close your eyes to return to slumberland…

Well, you can choose to stay awake forever – or – you can be like Paul Hunter over at NextGen Player  and pick up a controller to do some advanced training that might have real results in dream land. Nicole Baute, from the Toronto Star, has written an interesting article about how high-end gamers have a good chance of controlling the outcome of those nightmare scenarios.

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The State of Gaming On OSX

By Chris Calzonetti - May 3rd, 2010


I’ve been running OSX for quite a while now. Probably since 10.2 came out. The reasons are largely work related, and I’m certainly not here to persuade anyone that OSX is any better or worse for your own personal needs which I know nothing about; but as a gamer, I have always had to keep a machine running some version of the Windows OS close at hand.

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