Disney Magical World

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 16th, 2014


When we receieved Disney’s latest 3DS title, Disney Magical World (developed by Bandai Namco Inc.), we didn’t know what to expect, as it was not something that we had actually kept tabs on. It’s hard to put a finger on what it is. It is a life simulator – but it’s also so much more. When Smallest Thumbs and I first started playing it, we both agreed that Magical World was a little like Animal Crossing: New Leaf. However, while there are similar elements between the two titles, there is enough of a difference between them that we find ourselves making time for both. Similar to visiting the Magic Kingdom in Florida, as soon as you step over the threshold, the game will have you in a constant state of activity, tugging at you like the eddies near the shore of a powerful river. And as you wade in deeper, you’ll find yourself swept away by the magic – especially if you are a fan of anything Disney.

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Yoshi’s New Island

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 13th, 2014


Up until this year, I have not really dedicated a lot of time to the Yoshi games. I have certainly dabbled with the character on a number of occasions, but never enough to call myself a Yoshi enthusiast. Take Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) for instance. I certainly wet my whistle with it – but I was at a friend’s place and didn’t own my own console at the time (so my ability to engage with the little green egg-chomper was limited). Well, those university days are long gone, and the fact that I have a 3DSXL and spend plenty of time on public transit allows me to spend more than enough time with Yoshi in Yoshi’s New Island. It’s not necessarily my cup of tea, to be honest, but it is a well-made game that will present plenty of challenges and fun to both newcomers and experienced Yoshi handlers.

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Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

By Jorge Figueiredo - March 30th, 2014


One of my all-time favourite game franchises is a surprising one, considering my love of Assassin’s Creed and Naruto. Ever since Shaun Hatton introduced me to the awesomeness of Professor Layton, I have not been able to put it down. In fact, Professor Layton tends to trump practically every game that I’m reviewing, and I obsessively play for hours trying to solve every puzzle and find every hint coin. On top of the puzzle goodness, every game in the series has a compelling story and great voice acting. Level 5′s Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is the last of the Layton games, from what I am told, and it is the perfect way to cap off the series.

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Bravely Default

By Cody Orme - March 10th, 2014

All pictures are 2D representations of 3D images.

From the second I picked up Bravely Default, I knew I was about to embark on a journey that I wouldn’t soon forget. This Square Enix title is not only one of the best games on the 3DS, it’s one of the freshest RPGs that I have ever played. There is so much about this game that works so well, that the few missteps made by developer Silicon Studios seem miniscule – practically non-existent. Part of why Bravely Default hits it out of the park is because the game is sublimely constructed, and utilizes the capabilities of the 3DS in a way that doesn’t feel forced – but there is also so much more.

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One Piece: Romance Dawn

By Cody Orme - February 21st, 2014


It’s easy for any game to get lost in the shuffle of the truly fantastic content on the 3DS. There’s so much on offer for the handheld that “okay” games probably won’t even get noticed. That’s One Piece: Romance Dawn in a nutshell: just “okay”. Developed by Three Rings, published by Namco Bandai, and ported from the PSP, it feels like it was made with love – but there might be too much focus on poor storytelling and not enough depth in game-play, hindering a title full of promise.

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Doodle Jump Adventures

By Jorge Figueiredo - February 14th, 2014

Don’t hate me for posting both screens.

We checked out Doodle Jump for the Xbox 360 last year (specifically, for Kinect) and while it was a cute game (that made the jump over from the mobile space), the control scheme was a bit annoying and the price tag made it unpalatable. Towards the end of last year, Lima Sky released a 3DS version called Doodle Jump Adventures. Does this version relative to its fairly inexpensive mobile cousin?

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Tag-Team Review
Frozen: Olaf’s Quest

By Jorge Figueiredo - January 21st, 2014


If you haven’t yet seen Disney’s latest animated opus, Frozen, I highly recommend that you go out and see it (if you can find it playing in the theater somewhere). As with most (if not all) Disney movies, the main characters are supplemented by some very amusing co-stars. One of our absolute favourites is Olaf, the magical snowman. He’s quite the animated (pardon the pun) character; an obvious optimist, Olaf doesn’t let anything get him down (at least not for too long), so it’s no surprise that he’s a good candidate to star in his own platforming adventure by 1st Playable Productions, Frozen: Olaf’s Quest. Smallest Thumbs and I put Olaf through his paces, having a snowball of a time doing it!

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