Higher Learning

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 14th, 2014


The gaming sphere is a wonderful place thanks to contributions from studios both large and small. At Toronto Thumbs, we love to play games from both sides of the coin. Sometimes, due to scheduling issues, there are titles that need exposure that we can’t get to in time – and it tears us up when we can’t help out a game that needs some extra publicity to get the support that it deserves. Fishing Cactus’ Algo-Bot is one such PC game. While this title has been green-lit on Steam, it recently missed a Kickstarter goal (that is actually quite reasonable), which is a shame since this puzzle game goes a long way to educate in the mystical ways of programming logic.

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Endless Legend Beta
First Impressions

By Rituro - September 13th, 2014


When last we checked in with Amplitude Studios’ Endless Legend, it was in a playable alpha preview. The core of the game was intact though many features and gameplay options were either blocked off or simply not created yet. Still, what I saw was enticing enough to get me excited for the next phase of development. Lo and behold, here we are with the beta preview! Three new factions, new special terrain tiles, updated diplomacy and fleshed-out markets for resources, heroes and units are all great additions but the biggest shiny feature to be enabled – one previously un-clickable from the title screen – is multi-player. Naturally, I had to test this out for the next phase of Toronto Thumbs’ ongoing coverage of Endless Legend. Of course, I’d need a suitable opponent to put the game through its paces; thankfully, it just so happens I have a younger brother who has been brought up to appreciate the finer things in life like Daft Punk and turn-based strategy games. Thus, I proudly present the following three-part preview featuring me and special-correspondent-and-playtester-for-a-day Brayconn. Enjoy!

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Tropico 5
Big Cheese DLC Code

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 7th, 2014


Earlier today, you might have seen Rituro’s review of new DLC for Tropico 5 called The Big Cheese. It looks like it wasn’t a bad addition to the game (though you can just read the review yourself to see what he had to say about it). Toronto Thumbs was lucky enough to score two codes for this, and we’d like to give away the extra!

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Tropico 5
The Big Cheese

By Rituro - September 7th, 2014


Let’s say you’re running your own country. Things are going well – massive palace, fat bank account, a populace not yet attempting a mass uprising over the lack of health care – and you’ve started wondering if anything is missing in your life. You’ve got the economy, the industry, the agriculture, the fancy statue of yourself… could there be anything more? Oh my, yes! You see, there’s one thing you haven’t yet implemented – one hallmark of every ruler that would cement your legacy as the greatest despot ever to hoard cash, taunt the Russians and corner the basement rum market. Presidente, you still need cheese.

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Sound Blaster ZxR
Sound Card

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 2nd, 2014


Recently, we reviewed the PCI-express-based Soundblaster Audigy Fx. A “budget card”, the Fx is comparable to on-board audio, as the core is a RealTek chip – the same one used in many all-in-one motherboard solutions (and if not the same, then definitely similar). Now, what if you were looking to spend a little extra money on your desktop’s audio solution; what would you choose? Creative Labs sent us the Sound Blaster ZxR in an attempt to help us answer the question. The answer? From its distinctive look to its powerful audio delivery, this card is almost perfect for gamers with some scratch looking to take advantage of audio goodness – both in-game and out-game.

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The Golf Club

By Jorge Figueiredo - August 29th, 2014


The game of golf is interesting to me. Whether watching or playing, it is a game that involves patience and skill, with repeated practice resulting in great muscle control and the ability to do some very interesting (subconscious) physics calculations. Translating golf to a console in such a way as to keep the game entertaining (without sacrificing the sense of accomplishment that comes with a great round) is probably not the easiest of tasks, but HB Studios has done a really great job of doing so in their latest game: The Golf Club.

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Good News Story
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

By Jorge Figueiredo - August 21st, 2014

Click the pic for the trailer for Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition.

A while back I reviewed Guacamelee! for the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Vita – and I really liked it! Since that time, the game has peen published for multiple platforms, and many people have expressed their love for the title (as well as the DLC). Recently, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (which contains new gaming areas, an extended story, new abilities and much more) was released for all the latest consoles, and now it is being released today (August 21st) on Steam ($14.99)! In fact, DrinkBox has announced something very special for folks who want to buy it: a time-limited 10% discount for newcomers to the series, and a 66% discount for those who own the original Steam Gold Edition (that’s $4.99, folks)!

This new edition of Guacamelee! includes Steam Workshop integration, Steam trading cards, and there are plans for future updates. How’s that for brightening your day?