First Impressions

Hands-On with Nintendo’s E3 Line Ups
Part 2

By Seán O'Sullivan - August 20th, 2014


A few days ago, our intrepid Thumber, Seán O’Sullivan, attended a post E3 Nintendo event chock-full of demos and Nintendo-y goodness. His experience was too much to document in one pass, so we have a second post for you. Enjoy! – ed.

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Hands-On with Nintendo’s E3 Line Ups
Part 1

By Seán O'Sullivan - August 17th, 2014


This past E3 saw each of the “big three” firing on all six cylinders to impress upon gamers that the best is yet to come; but Nintendo’s showing was particularly successful at changing the Wii U’s prognosis from more cynical gamers (enough that a poll of IGN’s readers showed the majority rated Nintendo as “winning E3″).

Nintendo recently invited Toronto Thumbs and other Canadian outlets to a post-E3 demo session, where multiple kiosks were available to showcase the big hitters coming this holiday season and beyond for Wii U and 3DS.

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First Impressions
Hand of Fate
Early Access

By Jorge Figueiredo - August 7th, 2014


Being invited to play games that are still in development is truly am honour, as it not only allows a sneak peek at what is to come, but also allows you to help the developer tweak certain things by providing valuable feedback. When Defiant Development invited us to try out their new game, Hand of Fate, on Steam Early Access, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, after spending some time with it, I was a bit disappointed; not because the game was a bad experience – but because it’s not finished yet and I really want to keep playing!

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First Impressions
Tropico 5

By Rituro - August 2nd, 2014

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Change has come to the lush islands of Tropico. No longer do you oppress the peasantry, court world leaders and fund space programs in solitude – now you can put your dictator credentials to the test against other Presidentes in a full multi-player mode. This is not the challenge creator/leaderboards of earlier incarnations; this is you and up to three friends/enemies duking it out for glory, honour and a bloated Swiss bank account. Check out the video for my first impressions of Tropico 5 multi-player!

First Impressions
DG2: Defense Grid 2

By Jorge Figueiredo - August 1st, 2014


I love me some tower defense. When my friend Chris introduced me to the genre, I was immediately hooked! One of my all-time favourite tower defense games was (and still is) Defense Grid: The Awakening by Hidden Path Entertainment. The game-play and the production value were both incredible. Well, based on my impressions of Hidden Path’s latest game in the works, DG2: Defense Grid 2 (Beta), I think they might have another winner on their hands for the PC.

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Indie Go Go Go

By Jorge Figueiredo - July 29th, 2014


Every once in a while, there is a crowdfunding/Steam Greenlight opportunity that really deserves a chance. The kind folks from Nemoria Entertainment (in Sweden), creators of Oknytt, sent me a pre-alpha of their latest project: Northward. Northward is a management game set in a Nordic landscape that is obviously influenced by some old favorites of the past (The Settlers, for instance) and I have to say that I am hooked. What’s even more interesting is that the version that I am playing doesn’t even have the main feature that Nemoria plans to implement: co-operative play.

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Impressions and Interview

By Jorge Figueiredo - July 23rd, 2014


Recently, I was sent what I can only describe as a very cool experience on my PC. It wasn’t quite a game, but it wasn’t quite a story, either. This interactive narrative horror, created by Eden Morrison, is a great vehicle to deliver a genuinely scary experience that I hope becomes a trend.

After the jump, you can read my impressions of Capricious. Also, in an effort to understand the story behind the story, I posed some questions to Eden Morrison.

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