Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut

By Cody Orme - April 24th, 2014


When I installed Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut on my PlayStation 4, I didn’t know much about it. I knew that it was an arcade-style space flight combat game, developed and published by Born Ready; and the title suggested that this is some kind of enhancement over a previous game by the same name that I never played. However, by the time I got past the third mission, I understood what it’s all about: it is a love letter to everything sci-fi – and that’s what makes it so much fun.

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Color Cables

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 22nd, 2014


In the land of charging cables, utility is king. While the cords that come with most devices get the job done, they’re usually quite short, or even delicate. I never thought this was true until I ended up ruining a few cords completely by accident – and when I say “accident”, I mean “incident” (as in “I totally didn’t expect this minor thing to completely decimate this cord”). There was an Indiegogo for a product called Color Cables that we tweeted about last month. The creators of that product were kind enough to send us a few to check out – and they are pretty sweet.

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Marvel Legends
Black Widow Figure

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 21st, 2014


Earlier this month, I went out for an UltraAVX presentation of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (you should see it). In fact, I went to see it after I posted a tag-team review of Hasbro’s Captain America Marvel Legends figure. This time around, Smallest Thumbs and I take a look at an action figure of one of the other heroes from that film: the Black Widow.

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Disney Infinity
Phineas and Agent P Toy Box Set

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 18th, 2014


Each and every time that we play Disney Infinity, we pay a visit to the Hall of Heroes to check our progress. For a while now, two spots remained empty – the spots belonging to Phineas and Agent P. Regardless of how much fun Disney Infinity is, those gaping holes did make us feel a little wistful. As of last week, however, these spots became occupied by bronze statues of the two zany heroes. As the final additions to the first run of Disney Infinity, these two figures bring goofy fun, espionage, and science into the mix (not to mention two boosters if you buy the Toy Box set)!

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Rituro Active
Football Manager 2014
Blue and White – EP15

By Rituro & Jorge Figueiredo - April 17th, 2014


Back in March, Rituro returned from his quest to explore the world of soccer and handed me an SD card with encrypted video files on it. Well, these have finally been decoded, and I have to profess that they are quite interesting. The videos are all about Sports Interactive’s Football Manager 2014, and we in the Thumbs Control Center have chosen Episode 15 as a great launch point for those of you who wish to follow along in Rituro’s mad adventures. These videos tell the story of Rituro’s journey in the world of the game, and detail a fair number of the features of this title. Episode 15 deals with a recent patch (14.3) which was a great improvement.

Click this pic to watch the episode.

It’s not the most dynamic of viewing (I’m referring to the lack of actual soccer footage). However, it is highly informative for those of you who really enjoy management-style games.

Disney Magical World

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 16th, 2014


When we receieved Disney’s latest 3DS title, Disney Magical World (developed by Bandai Namco Inc.), we didn’t know what to expect, as it was not something that we had actually kept tabs on. It’s hard to put a finger on what it is. It is a life simulator – but it’s also so much more. When Smallest Thumbs and I first started playing it, we both agreed that Magical World was a little like Animal Crossing: New Leaf. However, while there are similar elements between the two titles, there is enough of a difference between them that we find ourselves making time for both. Similar to visiting the Magic Kingdom in Florida, as soon as you step over the threshold, the game will have you in a constant state of activity, tugging at you like the eddies near the shore of a powerful river. And as you wade in deeper, you’ll find yourself swept away by the magic – especially if you are a fan of anything Disney.

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Byte-Sized Reviews
Battletank: L.O.B.A.

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 14th, 2014


I met Quentin Preik at the 2013 Fan Expo in Toronto, where he was manning a booth for his game called Steel Archers. Since that time, I have run into him at various events, and chatted him up. In talking with Quentin, it’s easy to see how much he loves making games, and his love of simplicity in game-play coupled with good ol’ fashioned fun makes him a neat person to chat with. These qualities permeate the games that he makes – one of which is a little-known local multi-player PC gem that he sent our way. The game is called Battletank: L.O.B.A. (Local Offline Battle Arena), and it’s a party game with a simple hook: blow the crap out of your friends.

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