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World 1-1

By Dana Russo - March 26th, 2015


Like many people, I had always thought that Pong was the first video game. With its simplistic beeps and boops and green bars, it was known as THE gaming experience of the 70s. There is much debate over which game wins the title of “very first video game ever”, but according to the documentary World 1-1, it was Spacewar!

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Treasure Punks

By Jorge Figueiredo - October 5th, 2014


Five Archers’ Treasure Punks feels like a mini-game from The Price is Right. There’s not a lot to this title (and that’s not a slight; I believe that this is not meant to be a grand epic so much as it was created to be a fun diversion), but that doesn’t mean that you won’t keep coming back to this Android game of chance.

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Nun Attack Origins: Yuki’s Silent Quest

By Jorge Figueiredo - June 16th, 2014


If you haven’t played Frima’s Nun Attack: Run & Gun, then you’re missing out on a great tongue and cheek side-scrolling shooter. With a simple concept and much love poured into production, Run & Gun is a helluva lot of fun and is a title that you can return to and always enjoy. Similarly, Nun Attack: Yuki’s Silent Quest (a prequel to Run & Gun) is also a keeper, and tells the story of Yuki, master of stealth, who was a badass before the sisterhood was formed.

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Byte-Sized Reviews
Battletank: L.O.B.A.

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 14th, 2014


I met Quentin Preik at the 2013 Fan Expo in Toronto, where he was manning a booth for his game called Steel Archers. Since that time, I have run into him at various events, and chatted him up. In talking with Quentin, it’s easy to see how much he loves making games, and his love of simplicity in game-play coupled with good ol’ fashioned fun makes him a neat person to chat with. These qualities permeate the games that he makes – one of which is a little-known local multi-player PC gem that he sent our way. The game is called Battletank: L.O.B.A. (Local Offline Battle Arena), and it’s a party game with a simple hook: blow the crap out of your friends.

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Worth iTrying
Man At Arms

By Dave McLean - February 18th, 2014


Inert Soap’s Man At Arms owes an obvious debt to Kingdom Rush. It’s stylistically very similar, although the graphic design isn’t quite as “cartoon-pretty” (which is not a failing, but a deliberate design choice). Both games also share the same medieval/fantasy slant on the tower defence genre. But then, Kingdom Rush owes a debt to the Gemcraft series, and Gemcraft is probably indebted to a half dozen other games I’m not even aware of – and sure, every tower defense game is ultimately the spawn of an old Atari game called Rampart. We live in a world that’s well-stocked with tower defence games, so it would take a pretty amazing game to revolutionize the genre. Unfortunately, Man At Arms is not that game – but it does offer up enough novel twists to make for an interesting entry into the genre.

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Infinite Possibilites
It Started With a Mouse…

By Jorge Figueiredo - February 9th, 2014


When Smallest Thumbs and I first started playing Disney Infinity, we enjoyed the introduction, which was presented by none other than Mickey Mouse, the cornerstone of the Disney empire. Wandering around the Hall of Heroes within the game, we saw that there was a podium for Mickey, which meant that he was going to be released as a figure for the game. Well, the time has finally come for Mickey to step up to take his place in the Toy Box! Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey has come to Disney Infinity!

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The Kongregation
Volume 4

By Rituro - January 15th, 2014


Admit it: sometimes, after weeks of investing your life into some of the best AAA-calibre games that money can buy, you just want to fire up your browser and play something mindless for an hour or two. Guess what? So do we! Here are some of the games we’ve been trying out at Flash game playground: Kongregate. Agree? Disagree? Friend our Kongregate account, “TorontoThumbs” and leave your own review.

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