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Infinite Possibilites
Princess Power

By Jorge Figueiredo - January 12th, 2014


The last few figures that have been released for Disney Infinity have been a hit with Smallest Thumbs – but not necessarily for the reasons that you might think. Sure, most of them are female characters: Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel and Vanellope (not pictured here); and this might possibly make it easier for her to relate to them (you might think). However, there have been a few female characters already made available to comsumers (Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Jessie and Holly), so it can’t just be the fact that they are girls. So, rather than guess, I just asked Smallest Thumbs why she liked them. The answer was simple: because their powers are awesome.

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Gift Ideas
“Board” Games
Electronic Catch Phrase

By Jorge Figueiredo - December 5th, 2013


If you’re looking for an interesting gift idea, look no further! I attended a Hasbro board game night a few weeks ago and was shown some pretty cool games. A lot of them were new twists to old favourites, which is a great way to get new people involved and keep it interesting for the game veterans. Electronic Catch Phrase is one such game, and I just jived with it right away. Let me break it down for you.

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Gift Ideas
Board Games
Trivial Pursuit Party

By Jorge Figueiredo - December 3rd, 2013


Looking for a cool gift idea? A few weeks ago at a Hasbro event, I was shown a few cool board games – one of which I would like to talk about here. Now, I know you’re used to reading all about videogames here on Toronto Thumbs – but hear me out! Having a board game party can really allow you to expand your invite list and have a great time with people who wouldn’t normally be into a night of videogames. And, really, trash talking is a fully-transferable thing…

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Gift Ideas
Funny Or Die
The Board Game

By Jorge Figueiredo - December 1st, 2013


Recently, Hasbro hosted a game night downtown. It was here that a group of us got to hang out and play some of the latest offerings from Hasbro. The evening was a lot of fun, and I learned about a few new games that I had either never heard, or never played before. Over the next week I’ll be posting a little bit about the different games that were made available. Seeing as it’s one of the most busy seasons of the year for retail therapy, this list might help give you some ideas for the onslaught of holiday cheer!

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Chuck’s Challenge 3D

By Mehran Malek - November 27th, 2013


If you have been gaming for more than just a couple of decades, like me, you may occasionally get sentimental when you reflect on the sheer complexity of today’s videogames. These days, it tends to be all about big budgets, big stories, and intelligent AIs. However, before videogames became a bigger business than Hollywood and our phones surplanted yesteryear’s super computers, videogames had to fight for our attention by being simple, addictive, and challenging. That is: make it simple to pick up; make sure that it grabs one’s attention, and keep it addictive with short and varied level progression. Cue Niffler LTD’sChuck’s Challenge 3D for the PC.

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Worth iTrying
Codename Cygnus

By Jorge Figueiredo - November 12th, 2013


I have never really needed a lot of sleep. When I was growing up, I used to listen to the radio on Sunday nights. From 10 PM to midnight, one of the local stations used to host a comedy hour followed by an hour of old-timey radio plays. Shows like The Shadow, Lights Out and The Adventures of Harry Lime would keep me entertained in a way that television or videogames never could. The folks at Reactive Studios must have grown up with radio plays as well, because their iOS game, called Codename Cygnus, plays just like an old-fashioned radio drama, with a little bit of a twist.

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Snugg Protective Pouch
For the iPhone 5/5S

By Jorge Figueiredo - November 8th, 2013


I have heard and read horror stories of people dropping their smartphones – and I have seen the spider-webbed results. Regardless of the material that covers the sides and back of your iPhone, if it hits on the right angle (or wrong, depending on your point of view), the screen could take a hit. Snugg, makers of the iPad 4 Case Cover And Flip Stand, have got you covered with their Protective Pouch for the iPhone 5/5S.

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