By Jorge Figueiredo - October 25th, 2013


A videogame can be far more than the sum of its parts when each of the pieces fit together perfectly – achieving that magical, delicate balance that removes the normal boundaries between casual and hardcore. SCE Japan Studio’s Puppeteer for the Playstation 3 seems to achieve that level of ideal appeal; and while it is probably not a perfect game for every single person that owns a PS3, it is something that -in my humble opinion- should be played by everyone.

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MLB 13: The Show

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 29th, 2013


I am not really too much of a sports game kinda guy; but if I had to choose a franchise to play, it would be MLB: The Show1. There is something amazing about the Playstation exclusive that makes it so much fun to play, no matter what mode you choose. Fantastic production value, a very robust single-player “campaign” and great control have always been hallmarks of the series. In MLB 13: The Show, there aren’t too many obvious significant changes from the previous year; but the game is definitely a great experience and should be a must-play for baseball fans (and even some of you non-baseball fans).

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The Good, The Bad, and the Monkey

By Jorge Figueiredo - January 31st, 2013


Frima Studio’s Lights, Camera, Party! for the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Move gets a shot in the arm with new content. The new DLC called The Good, The Bad, and the Monkey takes the already hilariously fun and frenetic party game and adds new mini-games and a new multi-player mode. Things just got a little wackier!

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Sports Champions 2

By Jorge Figueiredo - December 27th, 2012


When the Playstation Move hit the market, it shipped with Sports Champions. Since the launch of the Move, there have only really been a few games that truly utilize the motion controller properly. Sports Champions is still one of the best Move games out there – and that is an indicator of how much of a great game it is. San Diego Studio’s and Zindagi Games’ Sports Champions 2 may appear like more of the same at first; but with new sports and improved archery, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” might have been “if it ain’t broke, take the best parts, make them better, add new stuff, and laugh all the way to the bank”*, if it wasn’t for the odd choice of content.

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The Unfinished Swan

By Jorge Figueiredo - November 13th, 2012


The Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade are awesome places to find some really great downloadable games. From time to time, absolute gems pop up that are too good to miss! Giant Sparrow’s The Unfinished Swan on the PSN is a prime example of how big things can come in small downloadable packages.

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Sony Holiday Preview 2012
The Wonderbook and Book of Spells

By Jorge Figueiredo - October 7th, 2012


At E3, Sony introduced the world to the augmented reality interface for the Playstation 3 known as the Wonderbook. At the Sony Playstation holiday preview event at Palais Royale, the Wonderbook had its own living room display – front and centre in the middle of the ballroom – and Book of Spells was the order of the day.

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Lights, Camera, Party!

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 18th, 2012


Ever since gaming companies started wooing the “casual gamer” demographic, the inclusion of mini-games has increased. In fact, one might argue that the number of titles that consist solely of mini-games has also gone up considerably. Frima Studio’s Lights, Camera, Party! Is one such game for the Playstation 3 (utilizing the Playstation Move). Does the game live up to the expectations set by the bright, colourful font in the title? Perhaps not entirely; but this game is still worth a shot.

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