Freedom Wars
Playstation Vita

By Jorge Figueiredo - January 12th, 2015


I really love it when a new game arrives to review that I have never heard of before, yet after a short amount of time I end up really enjoying it! Freedom Wars, developed by SCE Japan Studio, is one of those games, and is probably one of the most interesting new properties that I have played in recent memory. In this third-person battler, you take on the role of a Sinner, representing your Panopticon in the continuous acquisition of resources. Confused yet? So was I when I started, but it didn’t take long to understand and get hooked.

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By Jorge Figueiredo - September 21st, 2014


Many of our favourite games are established franchises. These games each have their own basic premise and, because the market demands it, the developers create subsequent titles with improvements. Sometimes these modifications to the formula are minor and sometimes not – but innovation in the form of new features keeps things interesting. Every once in a while, a non-AAA game comes along that is so unique that it makes its mark in our minds with little effort. Metrico, by Digital Dreams, is an action-puzzle-platformer for the Playstation Vita that is very different from the norm, and is the very essence of “a little goes a long way”.

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By Malcolm Inglis - July 13th, 2014


Z-Run is a game created in the endless-runner style, featuring zombies (hence the title). It is now available for digital download on the PlayStation Vita. It’s developed by Beatshapers, a name I recognized from some of the ports that they did from mobile games, ports releases on PSN for the PSP and PS3 (including Jetpack Joyride). Unsurprisingly, Z-Run looks and plays a lot like a mobile game, which may not be the kind of experience you would expect given the graphical power and advanced controls on the Vita.

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Day 3
Part 1 – Sony

By Malcolm Inglis - June 19th, 2014


Malcolm’s last day at E3 was just as eventful as the previous days. In this post, he recounts his experience at the Sony booth. -ed.

I was on the home stretch of E3; so far it had been an exhausting, but fun trip. Work hard and play hard – late nights with publisher and media parties and early mornings with a fully-packed schedule for the day. On the last day, I had a solid block set aside to spend time at the Sony booth to check out all of the great things that I had heard about from their press briefing.

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Cel Damage

By Jorge Figueiredo - May 17th, 2014


Cel Damage HD (developed by Finish Line Games) for the Playstation Vita is remake of a title that originally debuted on the Xbox in 2001. A mish-mash of different genres (part racing, part vehicular combat) one might make comparisons to the likes of Twisted Metal, which would be fair – but not entirely true. This animated title plays fast and loose with the rules of physics, and definitely puts the word “car” in “cartoon”. Cel Damage HD is one of those games that you either love or hate, as fun and production value seem to be at odds with each other.

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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

By Jorge Figueiredo - May 15th, 2014


What do you get when you combine a role-playing game and a dating simulator? You get Spike Chunsoft’s Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. This game is ambitious, and has an interesting concept presented via a semi-interesting story and an odd turn-based battle system. Sadly, each of these elements is weak, and juggling so many of them does not really do the overall product any service. What’s left is something of a weak game that doesn’t really have any redeeming qualities – which is sad, as there are some potentially interesting mechanics.

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By Jorge Figueiredo - February 5th, 2014


Housemarque’s Furmins is a cute puzzle game that really works well on the Playstation Vita. Having been originally created for smartphones, Furmins makes things a bit more interesting than standard fare by making the player think about multiple elements to juggle during each level – by combining physics, strategy, and action. It’s a great formula that results in a game that leaves your brain satisfied after each successfully completed level.

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