DJ Finish Him VS Oxvylu

By DJ FINISH HIM - March 1st, 2010

DJ Finish Him VS Oxvylu

If you missed the DJ Finish Him VS Oxvylu gig last month in Toronto, not to worry. Someone has uploaded a 10 minute clip of it!

It’s weird for me to see myself on video, but I suppose I’ll get used to it. In other news, I couldn’t see anything with those 3D glasses on, but they did look cool. Also: We didn’t really practice before this gig, so pretty much everything we’re doing is ad-libbed.

While a next gig has yet to be booked, we are planning on hooking up in the future for some more creative projects.

Tribes of Mexica:
Makeover for a Cipactli

By Shaun Hatton - February 22nd, 2010

Tribes of Mexica - Makeover for a Cipactli

Toronto developers Incubator Games is giving its upcoming game, Tribes of Mexica, a makeover. Over at their official site, interested parties (that’s you!) can vote on a new look for the Cipactli character (that’s the green guy up top). Cipactli currently looks pretty cool, admittedly. But the poll includes some very awesome and quite different renderings from various artists – all of which are even better than the current version.

I won’t post those here, as I don’t want to unintentionally influence your vote, but I do urge you to head on over to vote. It’s not every day that a games developer asks the community for such direct feedback. How cool would it be if the design you chose made it into the game? Think of the indie cred you’ll gain!

Speaking of cred, Incubator Games is a small team comprised of former project leads from Capybara Games. They’ve worked on some titles you probably love, including Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes and the original Critter Crunch.

First Trailer For
Guerrilla Gardening: Seeds of Revolution

By Shaun Hatton - February 21st, 2010

Guerrilla Gardening: Seeds of Revolution

Today Spooky Squid Games released a teaser trailer for Guerrilla Gardening: Seeds of Revolution, a game I’ve been following the development of somewhat closely. Even though the trailer contains footage from an early build of the game, it still looks like a lot of fun to play.

In it, Molly Greenthumb is a revolutionary who tries to cheer up oppressed and depressed citizens by planting beautiful trees, flowers, and the like. The isometric game has a heavy puzzle element to it, where certain plants need to be placed in specific locations to provoke a desired result. For instance, and the video shows this, you can use a screaming flower to draw the attention of patrolling officers in order to make a run for another section of the map. Other flowers emit bursts of pollen, attracting citizens to the area. It’s a good way to gather up protestors in key locations.

Check out the trailer »

General Bauhaus

By Shaun Hatton - February 16th, 2010

General Bauhaus

Meet General Bauhaus. Kick-ass name, isn’t it? As expected, he’s quite the baddie in Guerrilla Gardening, the upcoming PC strategy game being developed by Toronto’s own Spooky Squid.

The colouring is by Miguel Sternberg of Spooky Squid, and the character design is by comic book illustrator and homegrown hero Eric Kim. Great to see this game’s progressing nicely, because I’m looking forward to playing it.

Check out the full-size artwork over at the Guerrilla Gardening dev blog.

Peter Project Feat. More or Les

By Shaun Hatton - February 10th, 2010

Peter Project - Fresh EP

TORO Magazine has posted this excellent video of Peter Project and More or Les performing the undeniably awesome “Unorthodox” from Peter Project’s Fresh EP. Check out this performance and marvel at Peter’s beat-making skills and More or Les’ ability to make rapping seem effortless.

DJ Finish Him Vs. Oxvylu

By Shaun Hatton - February 9th, 2010

DJ Finish Him Vs. Oxvylu

If you missed the DJ Finish Him vs. Oxvylu live set this Saturday at Hard Luck Bar in Toronto, here’s a photograph Terence Cheng took of the set. Now just picture really loud blippy music and sound effects where half the crowd is into it and the other have is mostly confused. Now it’s like you where there!

Evidently parts of this performance were filmed, in HD, no less, so I’ll try to track that down and post it here for all to enjoy.

– Y’all Been Warned.

By Shaun Hatton - February 8th, 2010


Zack Kotzer of Steel Bananas fame posted a vague but intriguing note via his Facebook page tonight. Along with the above image, he wrote:

A war is coming.
It brews between conventions
It will take your tears and sweat
It will take your hands and blisters
It will take your quarters
It makes strange noises
And it will come
Once it is inside you it lives with you forever
You won’t hate the invader
You will love the invader
No matter what
Isn’t this terrifying?
I’m terrified too
Soon you will know

But what does it all mean? He most likely has created something awesome that he’s waiting to unleash upon the world. Will Toronto or its gaming-loving citizens be the same? We shall see. I just hope he’s not planning on beating everyone up for lunch money again.