Football Manager 2015
Feature Teaser Video

By Rituro - October 14th, 2014

The reveal of the new features, changes and/or omissions in each year’s edition of Football Manager is an event of great anticipation for the discerning sports game nerd like myself. What made the cut from last year? Did they finally fix that one thing that bothered me to no end? How many more shiny bits did they add to the match engine? And, most importantly, will I still be able to play as a lower-league English team using nothing but free transfers and good luck to try and eke out an existence? Thankfully, the answer to most of those questions came on October 7th as Sports Interactive released a video starring gaffer Miles Jacobson with a plethora of details on the upcoming Football Manager 2015. Check out the full video above (if you haven’t already), then read on my for reactions.

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Fashionably Late Reviews
Tropico 5

By Rituro - August 9th, 2014

Click here to play the video review of Tropico 5.

Sunshine, lush tropical forests, a gleaming presidential palace, acres of slummy shacks and tenements interspersed with banana and tobacco plantations…is there anything quite like life as a Caribbean dictator? Probably not, which is a very good thing. Also a very good thing? Haemimont’s third kick at the Tropico can, Tropico 5. Check out my video review to see what I liked and didn’t like in the latest edition.

Fashionably Late Video Reviews

By Rituro - June 19th, 2014

Ever since Will Wright changed gaming with SimCity in 1989, generations of would-be urban planners have tested their mettle against an unruly populace, natural disasters, challenging transportation infrastructure and more. The appeal of making something from nothing on a grand scale has stood the test of time (see also: Minecraft), spawning no small number of imitators, spin-offs and homages, each with their own unique appeal. The Tropico series casts you as a Caribbean dictator; the Anno series covers resource management across multiple eras; and so forth. Lest you think fun can only be found at the top end of the scale, there’s also a subset of the city sim genre that has you making something from nothing in harsh conditions, challenging environments and a scale that can generously be described as “quaint”. It is in that genre that we find Shining Rock Software’s Banished, a village sim that pulls no punches with its basic goal: stay alive.

Video Interviews
Tiny Realms
With TinyMob Games

By Rituro - May 23rd, 2014

My latest video interview is with a local developer, TinyMob Games, who are working on an iOS RTS game called Tiny Realms. On the surface, it looks like a Clash of Clans clone with backstory and actual unit control (gasp!)

So, actually, maybe not so much a “clone” as a “vast improvement”.

Yeah. That’s better. Click away!

Rituro Active
Football Manager 2014
Blue and White – EP15

By Rituro & Jorge Figueiredo - April 17th, 2014


Back in March, Rituro returned from his quest to explore the world of soccer and handed me an SD card with encrypted video files on it. Well, these have finally been decoded, and I have to profess that they are quite interesting. The videos are all about Sports Interactive’s Football Manager 2014, and we in the Thumbs Control Center have chosen Episode 15 as a great launch point for those of you who wish to follow along in Rituro’s mad adventures. These videos tell the story of Rituro’s journey in the world of the game, and detail a fair number of the features of this title. Episode 15 deals with a recent patch (14.3) which was a great improvement.

Click this pic to watch the episode.

It’s not the most dynamic of viewing (I’m referring to the lack of actual soccer footage). However, it is highly informative for those of you who really enjoy management-style games.

Rituro At GottaCon 2013

By Toronto Thumbs Staff - March 25th, 2013

Click the pic to watch Rituro’s experience at GottaCon 2013.

Recently, Rituro went to GottaCon 2013. Now, as a follow-up, he has submitted this fantastic video showing some highlights from his trip. Check it out!

Little Angels

By Jorge Figueiredo - March 10th, 2012


In all of the subjects that I can think of that could be described as “touchy”, religion is close to the top of the list. The source of many arguments and misunderstandings, religion can be a joyous thing to talk about for some; painful for others. Recently, we were sent a set of DVDs from Twentieth Century Fox Entertainment called Little Angels, an animated series for preschoolers from executive producer Roma Downey. Roma is best known for her role in Touched By An Angel, and is also the president of Lightworks Media – a company dedicated to creating positive, uplifting entertainment.

While this is not typical fare for this site, I think it’s important to allow for representation of entertainment choices that some folks (especially parents) might find useful. As it happens, smallest thumb was asking questions about God anyway, making this a great opportunity to review these in the context of a young mind learning something new. I won’t get into the specifics of each episode (there are quite a few spread out over the DVDs); instead, I will talk about what this faith-based, educational series is like in general.

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