Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

By Jorge Figueiredo - April 15th, 2014


I think Belkin’s WeMo line is pretty spiffy; great functionality and cool form. Take the WeMo Switch, the pass-through power feed with the capability to do intelligent things. If there was a disadvantage to this device, it would be its size. While it is not huge, it does occupy some wall real estate (although, it is designed not to interfere with the second electrical socket on a standard wall plate). Now what if I were to tell you that Belkin has another, similar product? Sure, the WeMo Insight Switch costs a bit more money (it’s about $10 more expensive than the Switch), but it brings usage monitoring functionality as well as a smaller form factor to the table. Belkin sent us one to try out, and definitely meets the same level of awesomeness as the Switch. In fact, I think that it surpasses it!

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How Much Do I OUYA?
Another World

By Jorge Figueiredo - January 13th, 2014


When I was a teenager, I quenched my gaming thirst With games for the Commodore 641 and newly emerging games for the PC (let’s hear it for MS-DOS!), which was slowly becoming more and more cool. There were two games in particular (both from Delphine) that I remember that have since made a comeback of sorts: Flashback and Éric Chahi’s Out of This World. Both of these games were similar in many ways and very different. Out of This World (20th Anniversary Edition) is one of the games that can currently be played on the OUYA (where it’s called Another World), and I tried out the demo recently to see what it was like.

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Ring In the New Year
Win an LG G2 Superphone!

By Jorge Figueiredo - December 18th, 2013


Back in October, we reviewed LG’s G2, a phone that is both awesome and amazing. Well, since that time, even more accolades have been piled on top of this thing and it is considered one of the best devices of the year! So, our friends over at LG have decided to spread some holiday cheer by allowing us to give one away! How does that sound? Yeah. We thought so.

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Combat Cats

By Jorge Figueiredo - December 12th, 2013


When you look at content on the internet, one thing is for sure; people really like three things: pornography, puzzles and cats. Well, we don’t write reviews of erotica, so you have probably figured out that this post has something to do with the other two things. New Horizon Games has created a game called Combat Cats that combines the dynamics of puzzling (symbol matching) with cats! I put the PC version through its paces (there are also iOS and Android versions).

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Nexus 5

By Seán O'Sullivan - December 11th, 2013


I’m a “Google guy”. I’m about as bought into the ecosystem as you can be: I use Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Music, and Google Plus every day to ensure that everything I need for leisure and productivity is in the cloud and accessible from almost any device. 90% of the things I do on my computer involve the Google Chrome browser, so it makes sense that when it comes to choosing a phone, the only options I’ll seriously consider run Android.

With the Nexus range of devices, Google have been showcasing the power of ‘pure’ Android, and last year’s excellent Nexus 4 made one of the strongest arguments yet for vendors to stick to vanilla Android. The Nexus 4 empowered consumers with an unlocked, powerful phone compatible with most networks worldwide for a reasonable price, with the only major tradeoff being that it didn’t support high-speed LTE. A year later, and Google have again teamed up with LG to create the Nexus 5 – and rather than just add LTE support and call it a day, it’s clear that almost every facet of the phone has been critically examined and enhanced.

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Shape Jam

By Jorge Figueiredo - December 6th, 2013


If you’re looking for a really great challenge, look no further than Jam Labs’ Shape Jam. It takes the competitive “match three” style of game and amps up the difficulty by increasing the variability of the matching mechanic. Playing a game that stretches your mind while competing against live competition from somewhere else in the world is a grand thing – even if the game itself is not exactly perfect.

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Chuck’s Challenge 3D

By Mehran Malek - November 27th, 2013


If you have been gaming for more than just a couple of decades, like me, you may occasionally get sentimental when you reflect on the sheer complexity of today’s videogames. These days, it tends to be all about big budgets, big stories, and intelligent AIs. However, before videogames became a bigger business than Hollywood and our phones surplanted yesteryear’s super computers, videogames had to fight for our attention by being simple, addictive, and challenging. That is: make it simple to pick up; make sure that it grabs one’s attention, and keep it addictive with short and varied level progression. Cue Niffler LTD’sChuck’s Challenge 3D for the PC.

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