Sherlock: The Network

By Jorge Figueiredo - August 8th, 2014


If you have never watched the BBC hit Sherlock, you are missing out on one of the best incarnations of Sherlock Holmes ever. Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) and Martin Freeman (Dr. John Watson) portray the famous consulting detective and assistant in a way that is simply pure magic. The show’s brilliant writing and great production value make it an exceedingly entertaining venture, and even though each episode is 90 minutes in length (three seasons – three episodes per season), they go by very quickly, and can be watched multiple times (to catch the things that you might have missed). There are more episodes of Sherlock on the way, but they’re not due for a while yet – in the mean time, The Project Factory has created an awesome game for iOS and Android devices that will help keep you sane during the wait. Welcome to Sherlock: The Network.

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By Jorge Figueiredo - August 6th, 2014


I am something of a word game nut. I love games like Scrabble and Boggle – pretty much anything that allows you to take a limited form factor and get creative with it. So when I fired up SpellGrid Labs’ minimalist word game, I felt right at home. If you are a word game enthusiast, then SpellGrid will be right up your alley. Even if you’re not a word-savvy individual, SpellGrid is easy to learn, fun to play, and it’s free!

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Fashionably Late Reviews
Pocket Mine

By Jorge Figueiredo - August 5th, 2014


Canadian Developer Roofdog Games’ Pocket Mine (for iOS and Android) has been out for quite a while. I picked it up earlier this year and have not really been able to stop playing it due to its fun and addictive nature. Pocket Mine is one of those free-to-play games that strikes the perfect balance between fun, challenge, and in-app purchases. That might be an odd thing to say, considering my stance regarding the “freemium model” that some developers employ, but it’s definitely true.

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By Jorge Figueiredo - July 25th, 2014


Human beings are fascinated and inspired by the strangest things. For instance, take Miracle Mike, the headless chicken. Born in 1945, Mike was beheaded and lived for 18 months! Now, he has been spiritually brought back in an endless running game on iOS and Android called Headless (developed by Double Smith), which is free-to-play and is as much fun as it is tongue-in-cheek.

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Sonic Jump Fever

By Jorge Figueiredo - July 20th, 2014


Sonic Jump Fever, a free-to-play title from SEGA (available for Android and iOS), is a jumping platformer in which you guide your character ever upwards. The title is similar to Doodle Jump, albeit with a bit more flash. It can be fun at times, but the ever-looming micro-transactions have a tendency to dampen one’s enjoyment.

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Nun Attack Origins: Yuki’s Silent Quest

By Jorge Figueiredo - June 16th, 2014


If you haven’t played Frima’s Nun Attack: Run & Gun, then you’re missing out on a great tongue and cheek side-scrolling shooter. With a simple concept and much love poured into production, Run & Gun is a helluva lot of fun and is a title that you can return to and always enjoy. Similarly, Nun Attack: Yuki’s Silent Quest (a prequel to Run & Gun) is also a keeper, and tells the story of Yuki, master of stealth, who was a badass before the sisterhood was formed.

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By Jorge Figueiredo - June 13th, 2014


The other day, I wrote about the Nomad ChargeCard, a way of carrying around a charging cable in your wallet. It’s a nice solution, granting flexibility and durability – all in a small package. That being said, I have to admit that when it comes to portable cabling, Nomad’s ChargeKeys get my vote, hands down.

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