The Fall

By Jorge Figueiredo - July 26th, 2014


At first glance, you might think that developer Over The Moon’s The Fall looks very similar to Playdead’s Limbo – but you would be wrong. Outside of the passing visual resemblance, the game is definitely different. This side-scrolling action-adventure-puzzle game for the PC (the first in a trilogy) succeeds in striking a balance between challenging game-play, interesting puzzles, and a compelling plot, and if you love great story-telling, this game is just what the doctor ordered.

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Impressions and Interview

By Jorge Figueiredo - July 23rd, 2014


Recently, I was sent what I can only describe as a very cool experience on my PC. It wasn’t quite a game, but it wasn’t quite a story, either. This interactive narrative horror, created by Eden Morrison, is a great vehicle to deliver a genuinely scary experience that I hope becomes a trend.

After the jump, you can read my impressions of Capricious. Also, in an effort to understand the story behind the story, I posed some questions to Eden Morrison.

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First Impressions
Lords of the Black Sun

By Jorge Figueiredo - July 21st, 2014


Rituro is our go-to guy for 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) games. However, not willing to let him have all the fun, I decided to claim the beta access for Arkavi Studios’ Lords of the Black Sun. The title entered Steam Early Access towards the beginning of the year, and has gained a little bit of a following. Arkavi seems to be trying to appeal to a wide audience with this one, by keeping things simple for the less-experienced while simultaneously trying to present depth and challenge to those who have been around the 4X block a few times. It’s a noble goal – but it’s a lot to juggle. I’m going to break down what I think of the beta so far after the jump.

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The Last Tinker: City of Colors

By Jorge Figueiredo - July 18th, 2014


If I was to describe Mimimi Productions’s The Last Tinker: City of Colors in as few words as possible, those words would probably be “texture”, “colour”, “storybook”, and (to be fair) “tepid” to some. This family-friendly platformer-on-rails (sort of) has the potential to be entertaining; by baiting the line with some interesting concepts, it hooks you at first – but it may not necessarily present enough to reel you in. In fact, some parts of the game can get in the way of others, allowing one’s attention to escape (at least, if you’re an adult). However, there is hope: if you are young, or even young-at-heart, this might be a fun diversion for you (and I fall into this category).

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Sound Blaster Audigy Fx

By Jorge Figueiredo - July 9th, 2014


Sound is a very important thing to a gamer. No matter how pretty your game looks thanks to that kick-ass video card you installed, you can’t really expect a fully immersive experience without accompanying audio. The name “Sound Blaster” has always been synonymous with great sound for your PC. One of their most recent products, the Audigy FX, aims to fill a space that is slowly diminishing (if not already extinct): the PC gamer without on-board sound (or a really inadequate onboard chip). It’s a solid product that might find a home on more than a few PCs, to be sure; but it might also be unnecessary for most PC enthusiasts.

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War

By Jorge Figueiredo - July 8th, 2014


There will always be videogames based on war. Whether real or fictional, war carries with it so many stories and resulting emotions that it is hard to deny the entertainment value. This may sound like a very horrible thing to say – but it is the truth. A good friend of mine is an enthusiast of wars – not in the sense that he condones them, but more because he thinks that honoring the sacrifice of the brave men and women who laid their lives on the line is important1. I feel that Ubisoft Montpellier’s Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a game that does the same thing that my friend does, albeit in a different way.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order

By Malcolm Inglis - July 2nd, 2014


Wolfenstein: The New Order is the latest reboot of what many would call “the grandfather of first person shooters”; of course we’re talking about the game that, for the most part, started it all. I remember playing the original Wolfenstein 3D on my friends’ 486 computer back in 1992 and being blown away by it. The 3D gameplay, the violence, the chain guns, the Mecha-Hitler (Spoiler alert? Really? it was out 22 years ago!) – to us kids back then, this game was unlike anything we had ever seen.

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