The Walking Dead: Episode 3

By Mehran Malek - February 16th, 2013


It has been a busy month since we posted our last review of The Walking Dead Series. Here is Episode 3 – along with the usual spoiler warning.

For Episode 1 the feeling was immersive. For Episode 2 it was disturbing. For Episode 3, Telltale provides an experience that is the most intense of the series; much of this intensity is caused by the decisions that you are faced with. Having just spent the past two episodes building (or damaging) relationships with the other characters, in Episode 3 you will make emotional choices that will define the person you are for the rest of the series. Person – not character.

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The Walking Dead: Episode 2

By Mehran Malek - January 6th, 2013


NOTE: This review may contain spoilers.

If you had asked me to describe The Walking Dead: Episode 1 with a single adjective, I would have said “immersive”. For Episode 2, the word of the day is “disturbing”. This episode takes everything you have witnessed in survival games and takes it to the next level. The closest comparison I can draw is Dead Space; but instead of being terrified, you will be disgusted. That’s not to say that the second episode does something completely over the top. Frankly, the “disgusting” parts of the episode are things that we have seen in many survival horror movies. However, it does seem fresh in a video game and I’d say that it’s probably something you won’t see in a television series, as the video game and film medium provide a bit more creative flexibility than television. Back to the point though, prepare to be disturbed!

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